Gorsuch: What the Media Class/Far Left Really Fears

Today members of the Far-Left Democrat Party in the Senate continue to tenaciously pull Neil Gorsuch apart in the hope of uncovering just one reason to halt his appointment to the Supreme Court. The consensus among Conservative commentators is that the Dems are driven by fury that Obama was prevented from capturing the Court in his final days with the nomination of Merrick Garland.

No doubt they are furious about that. But the current Court vacancy was created by the death of Scalia, the most conservative member, and his death was not anticipated. The appointment of Gorsuch will not upset the ideological balance that has existed for two decades. If – and it is a big ‘if’ as far as this website is concerned – Gorsuch really is a moral conservative, the Court will continue to split 4/4 on most moral and racial issues with one floating voter.

Since John Roberts revealed a collaborationist weakness under Ruling Class pressure, the Media Class/Far Left will still have the upper hand when it really counts (as in the ObamaCare decision) even if Gorsuch is confirmed.

The context of the battle for control of the Supreme Court is key to understanding it. The senior partner of the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class Alliance, is the Media Class. Although it leans to Socialism, selective redistribution of wealth, and Internationalism, its primary goals are neither economic nor racial. Its primary goals reflect the composition of its members, who are mostly White, wealthy, privileged and voluntarily separated from the masses. What separates them from normal people are extreme sexually ‘liberated’ lifestyles – especially perverted practices – and a fear and hatred of those organizations and individuals that are morally judgmental.

The Courts – and especially the Supreme Court – is where what is moral can be redefined, and opposition to redefinition criminalized. The core of the Media Class is in Hollywood and Entertainment, and given its appetites, and rejection of an Afterlife/Judgment Day, family life and procreation, it lives for the present and immediate satisfactions. Consequently, it is too impatient to wait for its MSM propaganda to translate into popular culture, votes and Congressional legislation.

Behind all the Supreme Court struggles for nominations are the issues of homosexuality, sodomy, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion, ‘discrimination’ (as in cake baking, wedding photos etc.), speech limitations on the foregoing topics, the criminalization of traditional religion, age of consent for sex, incest and all the ‘taboos’.

Few are concerned about how the Supreme Court will rule on economic and business issues, but marriage and abortion are the hot-button issues.

What the Media Class/Far Left fears is not Gorsuch taking Scalia’s seat, but the death of Ginsburg, for Trump will nominate another conservative. In that scenario, Democrat obstruction will leave a vacancy and a possible conservative majority. In other words, they are looking at the near future beyond Gorsuch.

Today’s British Westminster Bridge fatal attack is certain to be Muslim terrorism, as the alleged killer is reported to be Trevor Brooks, a 44 year-old Jamaican-born man who converted to Islam when he was 17 years old. Brooks long ago changed his name to Abu Izzadeen and has more than once been arrested and charged for Muslim terrorist activities. A prison sentence he received was cut short on appeal! Brooks and his wife and children have been living on welfare for years whilst he has pursued Islamic Imperialism.

This London attack is too prominent for the MSM to completely ignore, but the MSM throughout the Western world and here in the USA will do its best to play down the religious motivation and present Brooks as a deranged lone wolf. Nothing will change as the Ruling Class elites and their judges will never change their aim to swamp the West with alien peoples. Its biggest political impact will probably be felt in France and helpful to the National Front’s election chances.

It is unlikely to have any political effect in the UK, as the BNP – the only genuine Nationalist Party – has made little growth since the ousting of Nick Griffin as leader. Griffin, who at first created a Party able to make serious election gains, proved to be extremely divisive within the Party itself, and in his efforts to hold on to the leadership, sacrificed the Party’s election gains and its financial stability.

Unfortunately, his replacement, Adam Walker, who seems to be honest, modest and a genuine Nationalist, has none of Griffin’s charismatic qualities. Nor does he sound educated enough to impress as a leader. Quite frankly, he is a boring and uninspiring speaker at a time when the Party needs an orator. The BNP is languishing when all other European Nationalist Parties are growing.

Yesterday on this website we explained why the Broad Right must vigorously and unreservedly support Donald Trump. One of the MSM’s constant refrains is that Trump is a liar. Can any website visitor provide us with an example of a Trump lie?

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