Joseph Rago And Yellow Journalism

It is a measure of the desperation of America’s Internationalist camp when its most prestigious newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, stoops to Yellow Journalism. Wikipedia describes Yellow Journalism as “ a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines” and the sentence finishes with “to sell more newspapers”.

The WSJ’s center pages, which are the collective voice of its editorial board, have been a vehicle for Yellow Journalism ever since Donald Trump emerged as the unlikely leader of a resurgent American Nationalism. It is a tribute to Trumps success, and evidence that Nationalism has become the defining issue of the 2016 election, that the Journal now devotes its pages to a relentless campaign, not “to sell more papers” but to destroy him with scandal mongering and sensationalism.

No doubt the Brexit vote in the UK has intensified the panic and loathing in the WSJ boardroom. Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens and his Yellow Journalism comrades have been churning out vicious personal attacks on Trump, and simultaneously impugning the motives of his followers – ordinary working Americans, as it happens – for months, but have failed to deliver a body-blow. Indeed, as the Brexit vote showed, the jack-boots and swastikas are now marching on both sides of the Atlantic.

So, the time has arrived for a heavyweight of the Journal to intercede with a deeper shade of Yellow ink. Joseph Rago has almost a full page in today’s Opinion page, complete with a large picture of Herr Trump holding his ‘Mein Kampf’ back in 2007. The article is headed “Trump by Those Who Know Him Best”, an appropriately lying headline since the article contains not one interview or quote from those who know Trump best. Although his former butler of 20 years and campaign manager Lewandowski- and who would know him better other than his wives and children? – have been available for interviews and grilled by MSM reporters in an effort to dig up dirt, they get no mention in Rago’s article.

The nearest Rago gets to a family member is interpreting first wife Ivana Trump’s 1992 novel (For Love Alone) as a ‘disguised’ account of their marriage. Mrs. Trump could have written a biographical account of her life with Donald but she chose not to. Perhaps it would have contained little that reflected badly on her former spouse and thus been boring. And so she resorted to fiction, as does Yellow Journalist Rago.

It is hard to find out much about Rago on the Internet, other than that he was a student at Palo Alto’s expensive and select Stanford University and then slipped quietly into the WSJ boardroom. It seems he has yet to build any hotels, housing developments or world-class golf courses in foreign countries, but he is outraged that Donald Trump has borrowed other people’s money (aka investors) to do so.

Rago has poured through Trump’s many books looking for dirt, and found a few less-than-flattering quotes. We might conclude from this that for better or worse, Trump has never sought to hide his business methods, unlike some politicians who have gone to criminal lengths to hide their activities as public servants. He has also spent much time searching in books written by people whose claim to fame is that they worked for, or with, Trump at some time. One, who Rago concedes is “not a Trump fan” alleges that Trump does not tip waiters as a matter of principle. If this is true, I am astonished that the MSM hasn’t been parading these little people and their complaints all across the TV screens.

The WSJ’s editors have often complained, with some truth, that Donald Trump’s speeches have lacked focus and policy. Last week, Trump made an outstanding and concise speech in New York that was packed with conservative policy and a detailed attack on the Clinton’s criminality. Apart from an inside page reporter’s hatchet job that avoided all mention of the substance of his attacks on Clinton, the Journal ignored it.

The plain truth is that the Internationalists at the Journal, like their brethren in the leadership of the Republican Party, would sooner the crooked, wholly unprincipled Hillary Clinton, possessor of a disastrous record of failure in public office, no achievement in the private sector and dedicated to continuing the Obama march to Far Left Totalitarianism, wins the White House than a man who just might not like tipping waiters. And, incidentally, has put his personal assets and his life on the line for his country.

Internationalists hide their sinister, treacherous and greedy motives under a cover of idealism creating supra-National organizations and touting concepts like inclusiveness, one world and progress. They hate democracy and fear the common people. They will be flat out, using any means, to deny the UK its bid to reconstruct its borders and reclaim its racial and cultural identity.

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