Muslims + Mosques + Legal Rights + MSM = Terrorism

The three pillars in a Christian or secular society that guarantee a continual threat of Islamic terrorism in perpetuity are:

  1. A significant number of resident Muslims and their Mosques.
  2. A framework of legal rights that was created for a Christian people.
  3. A Mainstream Media (MSM) dedicated to Far Left propaganda.

As the tolerant British discovered back in the 1960’s, when a resident population of Irish Catholics in its big cities provided a sympathetic sea in which IRA terrorists from Ulster and the Irish Republic could safely swim, harboring an alien, historically hostile people, this is a recipe for avoidable trouble.

A significant Muslim minority, united, organized and forever set apart by Mosques, Imams, and Community centers, provides a breeding ground, a recruiting ground and a safe sea for terrorists. This is pillar number one.

A society that admits people with an alien and hostile culture, but insists on maintaining a legal framework for all, based on a population holding common beliefs, is asking to be exploited. To bestow rights on people who reject those rights is worse than foolish. Those squishy liberals and Far Leftists who argue for toleration by parroting “but this is who we are” are ignoring that it is not who they are.

Unfortunately, in Western societies there are lawyers who will sell out their fellow citizens for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. America’s ACLU is full of them! Legal rights is pillar number two of Muslim terrorism.

The third pillar is the presence of a MSM dedicated to the Revolutionary changing of a Christian-based society by the importation of hostile and alien peoples. This ensures that all news is false and propaganda. In the USA, the MSM always portrays Muslims as women and young children, and almost always in situations of great suffering.

Our website visitors will know all the ways in which the MSM delays reporting on terrorist acts, releasing information in dribs and drabs, never using the word ‘Muslim’ in connection with violence or crime, and employing misleading terms like ‘lone wolf’. Terrorist victims are ignored.

Nevertheless, not all blame for Muslim terrorism can be laid on the Muslims, the defenders of civil rights, the liberal voices of toleration, and the MSM.

 This morning I had a phone conversation about the Westminster Bridge outrage with an elderly relative in London. “You can’t blame all Muslims for the sins of a few.” When I pointed out that Islam is a hostile and violent religion, she immediately responded with some venom that “so is Christianity”. “All religions are the same” she said, dismissing any further discussion.

I relate this anecdote because it reveals the unreasoning hatred of Christianity that now prevails among many White people in Europe and America. In the face of all the facts, such people are ready to equate both Christianity and past Western actions with the current horrendous crimes of their enemies. Perhaps the British deserve to be over-run.

Here in the USA if we want to stop domestic Muslim terrorism we can start by denying immigration to Muslims. Then we should close all Mosques and Muslim community centers and schools. Those Muslims who take their religion seriously – and therefore are a threat – will leave the country. We should close down the ACLU and all those Media sources that don’t report the whole truth. But I forgot! That is not who we are!

We probably owe an apology to a Mr. Trevor Brooks, for yesterday we wrote that he might be the alleged Westminster Bridge killer. The UK police have now named the assassin as Khalid Masood, aged 52, who was born in Kent. It has been reported that Masood used other names but he has not been linked to Mr. Brooks. We can expect information about Masood to be released slowly and piece-meal.

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