Trump’s Michigan Win Sparks Counter-Revolutionary Advance

The Far Left extremist Jill Stein and her sinister funders received body-blows yesterday, when a Leftist Federal judge halted the Michigan recount. Given that Stein is a true fanatic – as we recently noted – and her Internationalist bill-payers are desperate, it is possible that she will continue a legal challenge. As someone once famously said “It isn’t over until the fat lady sings”, and although the legal challenges to Trump are beginning to look hopeless, there is a long 6-week dangerous wait before Trump steps into the White House and more than a week‘s wait until the electoral college meet on December 19th.

Nevertheless, the public perception is growing that a Trump Administration is just around the corner, and as people of the Broad Right view Trump’s cabinet picks – ignoring his cunning and very public meetings with the enemy’s leaders – the confidence is building that he intends to undo Obama’s Revolutionary legacy.

His selection of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, framed as a “climate change denier” or “climate change skeptic” by the Mainstream Media, is truly an aggressive Counter-Revolutionary strike. The Trump Cabinet already contains a number of traditional Christians to reinforce Mike Pence as VP, and no doubt more will follow.

Trump, during his campaign put himself on the side of curbs on abortion, and as it becomes clear that he is honoring his campaign promises, the Christian Right is gaining confidence. The evidence for this is that Ohio has just passed the strictest abortion law in the USA and the Governor is being challenged to sign it. If he does, the Hollywood perverts and the barren Feminazis of Academia will be marching, not on the streets, but to the airports, bound for Canada and Europe.

The appointments of three retired Marine Generals to the Cabinet will likewise panic Academia’s peaceniks and snowflakes, signaling a rebuilding of America’s military might and independence. We expect Trump to replace the Obama stooges in the Pentagon.

However, on this website we see a closer-to-home motive for Trump’s picks. We can be sure that these retired Generals retain much influence with the rank-and-file serving military and among those officers who have not yet been purged by Obama. If the Far Left is able to mobilize destabilizing street violence or a Washington coup, these Generals will surely rally the military to the new President.

It is highly significant that Obama has just called on the military to question President Trump’s authority and criticize his policies. This is not far removed from encouraging them to disobey his orders. This call and other statements he is making, are unheard of from a retiring President and suggests that Obama is anticipating such civil disorder around the inauguration or when the Trump immigration policies are put into effect, that a civil war erupts.

If Trump’s Cabinet picks are not enough to please the Broad Right, his decision to fly to Baton Rouge to boost the Republican candidate for Senate in the election of 10th December, shows ‘The Donald’ to be tireless and continually on the offence. What a contrast to George Bush, who, having declared war on Iraq, went into hiding and never did one thing as President to rally the public behind the troops!

It is the opinion of this website that Trump is determined to roll back the Obama Revolution by what amounts to Counter-Revolution policies and a Counter-Revolutionary Administration. Since the Revolutionaries have held power for almost eight years and ‘dug in’, it is foolish to believe that there can be a peaceful reversal. The only peaceful resolution at this stage is for Trump and the Broad Right to surrender to the Status Quo. It is becoming very clear that he does not intend to surrender, and we believe that America’s Broad Right, if offered leadership, is prepared to fight. Understandably, most Americans on both sides of the ideological divide, are unwilling to acknowledge the brewing civil war but the one fact that is clear is that the Far Left is preparing to deny a peaceful transition of power. The issue that will ignite the Far Left violence is not the wall but the repatriation of any illegal resident.

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