Trump Beats Media Class, Soros Money-Changers And Vote Fraud

It was a narrow win in the end but Donald Trump took his campaign to the key election States over and over again, and never forgot or deviated from addressing the people who have made America great. Trump clearly understands how to marry mission, strategy and tactics, and this skill helped take him to victory. It will serve him well as President, with a Counter-Revolutionary mission, and facing the opposition of a most powerful, entrenched and frustrated Ruling Class.

The Conservative, Christian-leaning, Nationalism that Trump has crafted over the campaign, and which he shows no signs of abandoning (thank God!), will have the task of turning back the clock of Revolution that has reached a bare few minutes before midnight. We have to hope that Trump’s health is good, that his security people are on alert at all times, and that he is surrounded by true loyalists.

On this website we are hugely relieved, absolutely delighted, and ready to quickly celebrate before the civil war recommences. As part of the celebration we are savoring the anger and gnashing of Far Left, Media and Celebrity teeth. Even more we are enjoying the large portions of humble pie that the Republican deserters and that little clique of Restart GOP plotters, are having to digest. We hope they throw up!

Donald Trump deserved to win, for he waged not only a skillful campaign and an exhausting campaign, but a heroic one. As we wrote previously he was a David taking on a Goliath. We on the Broad Right will be forever in his debt. But his (and our) victory was a narrow one and we must not, in our excitement deceive ourselves. As with the UK’s Brexit vote, half the population was ready to vote for national suicide, and if we are to survive long-term, all Trump’s policies must contribute to rebuilding a solid majority of Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

What do we mean by that? We mean speedily dismantling the Federal bureaucracy and throwing its employees out of work. The State of Virginia will only be recaptured if the Washington DC commuters are forced by unemployment to re-locate to Maryland and ultimately find real work in the private sector.

The Federal Education Department should be Number One on the Trump hit-list. Restoring education powers to the States is a partial remedy to halt the indoctrination of the young, but the voucher scheme which Trump has committed to, and which will allow poor parents to put their children in private Christian schools and colleges, is the key to reclaiming the minds of the young.

Immediately cutting off immigration by sealed borders, a halt to foreign college student admissions and no mass refugee programs, along with expelling jailed illegals and criminal offenders, will prevent a worsening situation. After that, and only then, can a humane solution be found for productive illegal immigrants.

Trump needs to quickly purge the Justice Department and then send determined investigators into those urban areas where we all know fraudulent voting is gifting the Far Left with victories.

There are of course many other actions Trump needs to take urgently -including vigorous criminal investigations of the Clinton, Obama and Soros gangs – but here we are addressing the problem of the narrowness of Trump’s election victory.

Donald Trump was hugely outspent by Clinton and other anti-American groups, all of whom had extremely well-funded national networks to mobilize voters legal and illegal, and he was battered by the vermin of the MSM. He never lost heart, God Bless him!

But let us acknowledge the contribution of Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks, Millennial Millie, Info Wars, O’Keefe and his Veritas Project, and other Broad Right activists who used the Internet and websites like Free Republic to break the monopoly of the MSM. And thanks to the heroes of Talk Radio led by Michael Savage, Mark Stein, Sean Hannity and later Rush Limbaugh.

The New Year has much to look forward to, including ‘goodbye’ to Kelly Ayotte, Mark Kirk, Joe Keck and other Republican traitors. May Lindsay Graham and John McCain soon join them. Better still ‘goodbye’ to Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, Cher, Jon Stewart, Spike Lee, the revolting Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen King and Barbra Streisand. With luck they will be joined by all of Beverley Hills, the guitar strummers and warblers of Pop music, and The Weekly Standard scribblers.

We are really looking forward to 2017.


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