Fantasy Continues to Reign, Despite Trump Victory

Picture Credits: King Louis XVI of France, Wikipedia

There is abundant evidence that the USA is still in the grip of a Revolution, despite Donald Trump’s move into the Oval Office, a Republican-dominated Congress, and Republicans dominating State Legislatures. The Ruling Class Alliance has retained its grip on the Mainstream Media, the Federal Judiciary and the permanent machinery of government. Trump, if he is to make America great again, has an uphill task.

But it is in the entire field of education that the Alliance has established a dangerous monopoly and where it is succeeding in brainwashing future generations. It has long ruled in Universities from where it has corrupted and politicized whole professions with a Far-Left agenda. Colleges followed and then State schools, as the Federal Education leviathan reached down into all levels, finally capturing the young, even in for-profit pre-school facilities.

Only Home-schoolers and some Christian school pupils escape the indoctrination that advances every Leftist and perverted agenda item that aims at brainwashing and establishing intolerance. Man-made global warming, White guilt, the ‘benefits’ of Third World mass immigration, the world-wide redistribution of wealth, and now culminating in the furious promotion of perverted practices and the denial of gender.

On this website we have long argued that one of the ingredients that made the political marriage of the Media Class and the Far-Left so conducive and inevitable, was the shared addiction to fantasy.

The Media Class owes its wealth and awesome propaganda powers to the production of fantasy. Hollywood, where the Media Class has its roots and where it first accumulated enormous wealth, is a factory that manufactures fantasy and re-writes history. It is also a magnet for all those dysfunctional and disaffected human beings who seek escape into fantasy.

Not surprisingly, as a Ruling Class, the Media Class seeks to replace reality with fantasy.

The Far-Left, even before Karl Marx invented the idea of a Revolution that would end Class conflict by perfecting Class conflict, has promoted the idea of the perfection of man by the eradication of property ownership and economic competition. Another fantasy!

It is not surprising that in the midst of the Alliance Revolution, fantasy is now replacing reality in America. The absurdities of same-sex marriage and now transgenderism are engulfing colleges, schools and Federal Courts, but what better evidence of fantasy replacing reality than the news that Florida’s Memorial University is going to confer a posthumous bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science on the late Trayvon Martin.

 This young apprentice of petty crime and violence, whose career was cut short by George Zimmerman’s bullet, fired in self-defense, is about to become a bachelor of science in recognition of his poor school attendance and lack of academic achievement.

The justification for the University’s voyage into fantasy is that Martin “had an obvious love of flying” (by the seat of his pants?). Did University spokesperson April R. Silver maintain a straight face when she spoke these words to a CNN reporter? She added that “Martin took some aviation classes in high school”.

It is tempting to comment that Ms. Silver and the CNN reporter laughed uproariously as they exchanged lies intended to create propaganda, but it is more likely that these people believe that in today’s America fantasy is superior to reality.


  1. Well, since St. Trayvon was obviously a “flight risk”, I guess it’s not too much of a stretch to say that he had an interest in flight…

    Also: April (((Silver))).

    • I’m willing to bet he couldn’t spell ‘aeronautics’ or find the word in a dictionary! When Hollywood makes the movie he will have been on the cusp of a career exploring space.

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