Elizabeth Warren Rage And Hate And Democrat Amnesia

I read a couple of Free Republic reports of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s New Hampshire attack on Donald Trump. As I find Warren, a woman who used a fake racial identity to get into Academia, despicable and hypocritical, I almost dismissed the report as unworthy of much consideration. But then Rush Limbaugh played an audio sound-bite of her rant this morning and I felt something close to fear concerning this privileged woman and what she and Hillary Clinton represent.

Warren, late in her very comfortable life, is brimming over with rage and hate against men who are men. To hear her screaming about Donald Trump’s (probable) disdain for women and his (alleged unwelcome) familiarities with a few worldly women years ago, one could assume that she was one of the most egregiously exploited of his ‘victims‘, and one of the most recent.

What is she, a woman well past middle age, so bitter about? If I was her psychoanalyst, I would begin by exploring whether, when a teenager or young woman, she was ignored by all the virile young men, whilst a younger, prettier sister or friend was constantly ‘forced’ into kisses and cuddles. Years later, did she have to settle for wimpy, bespectacled, unexciting, unassertive college lecturers who meekly did her bidding but not much else.

Even so, 40 years on is a long time to have not gotten over it.

The problem for America is that not only is she bitterly and angrily legislating, but several generations of American college-educated women share her bitterness and rage towards men, with no good reason. They can’t all be frustrated or closet lesbians.

I attend a Church and the women there, young and old (including a few elderly and not-so-elderly spinsters) have no animosity towards men. Despite a lack of material success or prosperity in life, all are happy people, completely without bitterness. Of course, such women, especially Christian women and happily married women, are dismissed as irrelevant or worse by Academics, Feminists, Media people and those who write novels, plays and film scripts.

Hillary Clinton has the same rage and hate just below the surface, but political ambition has forced her to conceal it when on the campaign trail. Elizabeth Warren cannot conceal hers, so powerful is it, but like Hillary she has channeled it into politics and a search for power. I cannot believe that these hate-filled, rage-filled women and their demented followers, will govern charitably. I fear they will have no toleration for anyone who disagrees with them, and once unleashed will match Pol Pot and others in dishing out retribution.

Is this unrequited and irrational rage and hate the hall-mark of the modern Left women? I say ‘irrational’ because they summon it for Trump’s mild transgressions and never mention Bill Clinton, the Kennedy’s and so many other Leftist serious exploiters of vulnerable women.

I have read many articles written about Donald Trump by people of the Broad Right. Invariably, even those who are supporting him, acknowledge in the first paragraph his character faults, especially regarding his view of women. Those Republicans who are deserting us, give as their main reason for their desertion his character in relation to women.

Yet when I read articles by Democrats and other Far Leftists, male and female, I have yet to read one sentence of criticism of the character of the Kennedy’s, Bill Clinton and other Democrat leaders with a proven history of women-abuse.

It strikes me as amazing that there is this amnesia – or is it a breath-taking double standard – on the Left, yet on the Right there is a self-imposed high standard. Despite this the Elizabeth Warrens and their Feminist comrades reserve their rage only for those on the Right.

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  1. Yes..you are absolutely right!! There is quite the double standard with Democrats!..Those women (if you can call them that…I call them snakes!) you have named and the likes of them, they are filthy..rotten to the core and most obvious is their hatred for the One True God, the God of the Bible. They shake their fist in His face every chance they get and they have a deep hatred for anyone or anything that remotely resembles truth and righteousness.

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