Obama Legacy: Black Mobs In Malls, Men In Girls Toilets

We have learned that the precise Far Left word for those who deny obvious facts and the ‘settled science’ of climate change is ‘denialists’. It is a word we will use from now on.

As we wrote in an earlier article, the ‘denialists’ are actually all on the Far Left and in the Mainstream Media, which always accuses opponents of their own crimes and vices. It is the Broad Right that is committed to truth and commonsense. No-one is admitted to Mainstream Media journalism or the Far Left Democrat Party without a Masters in ‘denialism’.

One prime example of the Far Left’s bare-faced denial of an indisputable scientific fact flourishes in the cold heart of their fanatical commitment to abortion. So fanatical is it that the words ‘baby’, ‘child’, and ‘human being’ must never be mentioned in the context of abortion. Their de-humanizing and unscientific word is ‘fetus’. Yet it is completely settled science that at the moment of conception a human being, a baby, a child, has been created.

It is quite possible to put forward an argument of sorts in defense of abortion (mother’s health, handicap, rape and convenience) but the fact that the victim of abortion is a human being, is settled science.

Denial is also at work in the MSM’s protection of Obama’s legacy. In the post-Christmas season each year since Obama ascended to the Presidency, and together with Eric Holder and the purged DOJ, introduced the twin concepts of Black Liberation and informal Reparations, shopping Malls in America’s big cities have become redistribution playgrounds for mobs of Black youths. The mob invasions and the racial identity of the mobs, are facts beyond dispute. We might properly call both ‘settled science’.

The mob invasions of the shopping malls are so big and so visible that the MSM is forced to mention them on inner pages. So effective are the organized invasions that the Malls have to be evacuated and closed. Consequently, tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens are at best inconvenienced and at worst terrorized and injured. When so many ordinary people are affected, the local MSM risks losing total credibility if it ‘blacks’ (no pun intended!) out the event. And so something has to be reported, something acknowledged and something hidden, for the MSM at all levels promotes a political agenda that demands ‘denial’. Individual Black-on-White/Asian violence can be much more easily hidden.

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a page 3 piece by Douglas Belkin and Paul Ziobro under the heading “Malls Beef Up Security After Series of Brawls”, and another sub heading “Fights around the country prompt an increase in patrols and safety measures”. It is a masterpiece of mixed information and misinformation that omit’s the crucial factor of race. As such it is a classic example of MSM/Far Left denial.

The article admits that there was a “string of incidents the day after Christmas that resulted in minor injuries, evacuations and scores of arrests”…. melees involving mostly young people erupted around malls in Elizabeth, N.J., Fayettville, N.C., East Garden City, N.Y., Aurora, Co., and Tempe, Ariz. In Manchester, Conn., several hundred teens began fighting at the Shoppes at Buckland Hills. At the same time at the Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, Ill., a large group of teenagers began fighting in the food court.”

The reporters quote the mayor of Elizabeth, Chris Bollwage, a Democrat and Academic and thus a qualified ‘denialist’, who “didn’t believe that it was a co-ordinated social media flash mob kind of thing…it was just frustration at the end of the holidays and a climate of  too many people in one area. If you look around the world, nothing is getting solved through dialogue or conversation – issues around the world are being solved through violence. An incident like this is a commentary on humanity at this stage”.

The facts that have to be denied are that the mobs are composed of young Blacks who have been liberated from civilized behavior by 8 years of Obama and his regime. This is a legacy of his Presidency. No doubt in private he is proud of it and grateful to a MSM that both promotes the lawlessness and hides its essential feature from the American public.

The other great Obama legacy must surely be the victory of gender choice over the settled fact of chromosomes, men in dresses in little girls bathrooms and the grotesque and nauseating same-sex marriage. Let us hope President Trump quickly rids America of its denialists.

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