Immigration and the Myopia of the Revolution’s Useful Idiots

On this website we detest the ideologues of the Far Left and their hypocritical allies of the privileged Media Class. We recognize, as do they, that not the slightest common ground exists between them and us on the Broad Right. Having recognized that reality, we must crush them or be crushed. But at least they each have a vision of where they are going.

The Far Left plans to replace this world of Nations with a universal, brown-skinned race and a totalitarianism in which leveling down to near-penury for all but the controlling technocrats of government, is morally superior to economic, racial and social diversity decided by luck and effort.

The Media Class believes it can create a new world devoted to limitless sexual experimentation, rejecting traditions, Christianity and moral judgmentalism, and the concept of ‘normality’ based on physiology and perceived human nature.

The one thing that the allies agrees upon is the complete and ruthless replacement of the carefully evolved old social order. They share this Revolutionary goal and are driven to embark on an untested experiment.

The Pink Pussies who marched in Washington and similar symbolic parades across America during the past week, are almost as detestable as the Revolutionaries, and in their way, almost as dangerous. Apart from the well-funded Far Left organizers and Celebrity leaders who marched at the front and took to the stages and microphones, these Pink Pussies are the ‘useful idiots’ of the Revolutionary alliance.

When they are interviewed and asked to explain their motives, they reveal themselves as both victims of MSM news propaganda and celebrity-imitation, but also as the converts to a new and shallow ‘community’ religion that is full of feel-good intentions detached from evidence and consequences.

They are marching, they say, to support open borders in the face of an invasion by people without means. And they do so despite the existence of millions of needy and unemployed American citizens. In justification of this denial of reality and to feel morally superior they utter meaningless platitudes like “this is not the kind of Nation we are”.

They say they are appalled by a (belated) government move to differentiate between the religions and cultures of immigrant invaders. In saying this they refuse to acknowledge that the most numerously powerful religion in the world has rediscovered and proclaimed its age-old blood-thirsty Imperialism of conquest and intolerance.

They say they want to protect a ‘free’ national health system that is not actually free (nothing is free!), increasingly overwhelmed, and can only function by arbitrary rationing.

They say they are marching for and as minorities, yet claim to be the majority.

It is sufficient to take just one of their ‘causes’ to show the stupidity of these marchers. No health system, private or nationalized, can function effectively if required to meet the needs of an army of new arrivals. To even attempt to do so, it must ration or deny many of the needs of its citizens, most of whom have contributed in anticipation of care. All health services, national or privately funded are based on the insurance principle. More doctors and complex equipment cannot be conjured up. Since no-one can be forced to take up medicine the job must have substantial financial appeal and rewards.

What causes health care to become overwhelmed by invasions of immigrants, also applies to housing, food production, water, schools and much else.

Open borders and free services for unlimited numbers of immigrants and refugees – which these marchers unrealistically demand – can only be provided at the expense of those who have created and funded services and must result in a drastic lowering of standards for all.

The marchers, who suffer from myopia, are MSM-indoctrinated useful idiots led by privileged hypocrites and Far Left Revolutionaries.

Calexit seems to be getting traction. Californians of the Broad Right will be torn between opposing any dismemberment of the USA, and setting adrift a State dominated by perverts, parasites and fantasists that would guarantee the rest of the Nation is dominated by the Broad Right for decades. We welcome advice from website visitors.


  1. I see no way of allowing one state to leave without allowing others to join the exodus. Once the trickle begins, it might end in a deluge. We could eventually count four or five different sovereign nations from the original. And as alliances among them would inevitably be formed, including with existing foreign nations, the pull toward war might be irresistible and unavoidable. Any confrontation with the left should be undertaken with control of the current government, and not in an environment in which foreign powers might be tempted to get involved. Crushing the left must be an internal affair.

    • You are right. We must confront them with the power of Government whilst we have it. You are also right to note that foreign powers would interfere in a weakened America.

  2. Yeah these parasites will kill themselves if you don’t meet all their demands and future needs. Go ahead. Like those substance abusing whores in Hollywood who will go to Canada and live in obscurity and not make any more movies for millions if they don’t get what they want from you, I say go ahead and leave. Do I care? Do I?

    • Unfortunately the Hollywood whores will not go unless chased out. Parasites never leave a host body voluntarily.

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