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Black Racist Hatred Unleashed By Trump Victory

On this website we have always placed some weight on anecdotal evidence, especially as the Mainstream Media (MSM) peddles nothing but propaganda in support of a dishonest agenda. It is not widely known that America’s MSM has a policy to only show and report ‘minorities’ in a positive light. This policy does not actually extend to Latinos, Asians and Orientals, […]

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Anti-Trump Rioters. Snowflakes. WSJ Call For Clinton Pardon.

As I write, reports are coming in of more violent Far Left rioting in Oakland and LA. The latest Oakland riot was prepared in the afternoon, when high school children and their teachers began to gather with the Soros-funded agitators. By early evening the mob had grown to more than 6,000. The usual stone-throwing, vandalism, arson and looting followed. Similar […]

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Prayer Vigils Facilitate Assembly For Race Rioting

We live in Revolutionary times when the Mainstream Media spews nothing but Far Left propaganda, sexual identity can be chosen on a whim, laws are arbitrarily created by Government and Judges, and words are constantly appropriated to mislead. ‘Protesters’, ‘disturbances’, ‘social warriors’ are MSM code words for ‘rioters’, ‘riots’, ‘arson’, ‘vandalism’ and ‘looting’. We can add ‘Prayer vigil’ to the […]

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Charlotte Burns, DOJ Moves In, and Obama / Clinton Silent

In yesterday’s article we predicted a second night of rioting, arson and looting in Charlotte, N. Carolina, unless undeniable news emerged that Keith Scott, the Black man shot by a Black police officer, had a history of crime and had been holding a revolver and not a book. So far, the White Mayor and Black police chief have not revealed […]

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