Black Hatred Of Whites On Display In Chicago

The prolonged torture of a bound and gagged mentally disabled White man by young Blacks can today be seen on Facebook. The hate-filled sadists, a group of young Chicago Blacks of both sexes, filmed themselves in action, presumably so that they could continue to relive the experience on those days when they fail to catch a victim. It is reported that this man was not their first victim.

This film, and the event it shows, will be ignored or grossly under-reported by the bulk of the Mainstream Media. Those Media outlets that do cover it will avoid both serious condemnation, and the wider context of an emerging and brazen expression of Black hatred towards Whites.

A few Broad Right websites for some time have devoted their resources to reporting the Black-on-White/Black-on-Asian violence that the MSM has been concealing in the run-up to the election. On this website we have repeatedly reported such incidents in an attempt to reach and alert as many people as possible. But most Whites and Asians will remain ignorant of the relentless growth of such race-based violence and the increasing bold confidence of its practitioners.

That this victim in Chicago was mentally handicapped is especially sickening for he must have been so vulnerable and defenseless. It is impossible to fully appreciate the confusion, fear and trauma he was experiencing and will never be able to overcome. Black academics, Leftists and other apologists for current Black behavior will have little sympathy for this victim for he is White and the perpetrators Black, and that that will be enough to set aside concern for this member of a genuinely vulnerable minority.

If the victim had been a Black man, and especially a handicapped Black man, this writer would have felt the same rage. But it is a fact that Black-on-White violence is now the norm such that we Whites and Asians need to be greatly alarmed, especially as the MSM is hiding its prevalence and growth.

It is likely that many – perhaps most, who knows? – American Blacks have been nursing anti-White hatred forever, but the Obama regime and the Far Left Revolutionaries who have been governing America and controlling the MSM, have encouraged, rationalized and legitimized its violent expression.

Although the perpetrators in the video are young ghetto thugs, the ‘educated’ Blacks, like the Far Left Symone Sanders (former member of Bernie Sanders campaign) make clear, when interviewed, that they yearn for ‘payback’ and nurse the same race rage. The result of this Revolutionary climate is the development of a one-sided race war on America’s urban streets that has gone unreported and unchecked.

The Chicago perpetrators can be seen and heard taunting their victim with anti-Trump abuse, and although the race factor was clearly at the root of their pitiless brutality, the anti-Trump hysteria that the MSM has whipped up, is providing another layer of energy and hate.

We refer back to yesterday’s article and previous ones in which we have warned that America is in the midst of a barely-concealed civil war, and an open civil war is very possible in the next few months. We have also warned repeatedly that the Far Left is a Revolutionary force that seeks to eradicate the Broad Right and create a totalitarian America. We have written about the intended criminalization and marginalization of Broad Right views, the rounding up of ‘dissidents’ and ‘bigots’, re-education camps and gulags. The Far Left would have no problem recruiting camp guards, torturers and enthusiastic killers from among the young Black population of today. If you doubt this, watch the Chicago video and then make sure your gun is in good working order.

Photo Credits: Chicago skyline at night, from The photo has been cropped for use on this website.

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