Black Racist Hatred Unleashed By Trump Victory

On this website we have always placed some weight on anecdotal evidence, especially as the Mainstream Media (MSM) peddles nothing but propaganda in support of a dishonest agenda. It is not widely known that America’s MSM has a policy to only show and report ‘minorities’ in a positive light. This policy does not actually extend to Latinos, Asians and Orientals, at least not as far as I can judge here in California.

The purpose of the policy is to present a false picture of America’s African-American population which otherwise honest news reporting would reveal is responsible for most crime and is least successful. Many young African-American males cultivate a tribal warlike appearance intended to intimidate others and which sets them apart from all other minorities. I don’t know when this voluntary apartheid began but it has exploded during Obama’s Presidency and has been accompanied by a growing racial hostility towards all other groups and especially Whites.

This hostility has been deliberately concealed by the MSM in line with the policy of presenting only a positive image. Consequently most non-Black Americans are only dimly aware of the extent of the growing violent racism that Obama, his DOJ comrades and the public schools are cultivating.

Obama has played a leading role in the last three elections (and the interludes between them), and he has brazenly worked to foster Black resentment and Black pay-back. Much of his work of fomenting Black discontent and the tribalism of skin color, has been concealed by the MSM, which has concentrated on achieving the same aims by manufacturing a narrative of Black victim hood at the hands of the police. George Soros has also poured tens of millions of dollars into race-violent organizations.

We are about to see the consequences of all this. Between now and January 2017, the Revolutionary forces which captured legislative power in 2008, will be working and conspiring to salvage the unexpected set-back of an election defeat. Time is in short supply. Mayhem in the streets of big cities has its part to play along with school walk-outs and endless propaganda themes designed to de-legitimize Trump’s victory, sew division in the Counter-Revolutionary camp and (hopefully) prevent Trump’s inauguration.

Any website reader who thinks this is fanciful does not understand Revolutions and the forces unleashed by them. Fortunately, the Ruling (Revolutionary) Class fumbled the election and is not fully in control of events. Even more fortunately, Donald Trump is a man not easily intimidated, overwhelmed or thrown off course, and he continues to dominate the news and the narrative.

Just as the election campaign revealed the MSM was not concerned with news, but with exerting political power, so the power vacuum now opening is revealing the depths of Far Left hatred, the race hatred of contemporary Blacks, and the violence that was lurking just below the surface. And so we return to anecdotal evidence to discover what the MSM is concealing.

Woodside High School is on the outskirts of Redwood City on California’s peninsula. The majority of pupils is Latino but there is a large minority of Whites, a smaller number of Blacks and around 4% of Asians. Redwood City is not far from Oakland where Black Lives Matter has been rehearsing Revolutionary violence for some time.

ABC TV News November 11 surprisingly reported an incidence of post-election violence involving a White female pupil Jade Armenia. YouTube captured it and it is extremely informative. A mixed racial group of pupils appear to be in the school yard during a break and a Black female begins aggressively interrogating Jade about a post on Instagram. Jade can be seen and heard denying that she posted a wish that Trump win the election. The Black interrogator invites the surrounding group of pupils to pass judgment and they appear to find Jade guilty. There are White pupils in this group and some of color.

Suddenly, after removing her spectacles, the Black girl ferociously attacks Jade, knocking her to the ground, where she repeatedly punches her around the head with both fists. It appears that eventually a girl of Latino or Asian race pulls the Black girl off. The White boy in the foreground and others do nothing. One girl films the attack.

Jade is later interviewed with her mother and admits to posting a pro-Trump comment on Instagram. She is surprisingly intact considering the ferocity of the attack, though she may have suffered bruising to the head and torso. She claims to have received much hate-mail since the attack.

I have watched this incident several times and I am struck by the following things. The anti-Trump atmosphere among the crowd. It is clearly a ‘given’ that no pupil should be pro-Trump. The Whites do nothing to help a fellow White when she is violently attacked. The Black girl calmly sets up the trial and then unleashes a physical attack that is fueled by rage. She is no stranger to delivering violence and does not expect the White girl to have any allies. None of the other pupils take part in the attack, but I am uncomfortably reminded of H.G. Wells Time Machine story about the passive creatures who pay no attention when one of their kind is snatched by the aggressive predators who live underground by day.

I do not believe that the Black female attacker is motivated primarily by politics, but by race hatred, and the current political turmoil provides the social ambience for its expression. Having watched on the Internet many other violent attacks on White and Asian citizens by young Black females, I am no longer surprised by the depth and practiced co-ordination of the violence.

I invite website visitors to tune in to the Internet’s Geller Report of November 12th and watch a very violent attack on a hapless White motorist by four or five Blacks both male and female. The motorist seems to have been passing during anti-Trump rioting and got pulled from his vehicle. The attack is un-coordinated but effective, and reminded me of a pack of African wild dogs pulling down a singled-out Springbok.

Neither of these incidents of race-hate crimes will be shown in the MSM though they are happening frequently in American cities. Too many Whites and Asians are ignorant of them. Yet these anecdotal stories reveal more about the real situation in the USA during a dangerous time of Revolution, than all the MSM stuff about Trump’s cabinet picks and ‘peaceful protests’.

Geller also shows a White woman with her pants down during an anti-Trump demonstration, crapping on the ground and wiping the crap into a Trump sign.

It would be depressing if these incidents provided the whole picture of Black assertiveness and White passivity and degradation. Fortunately we know from the election results that White working class Americans are getting ready to resist.

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