Chicago Race-Hate Crime Revealed By Facebook

Yesterday morning we covered the torture of a disabled White man by a Chicago Black gang, intending to do our bit to publicize the latest example of the real race crime of today that the Mainstream Media (MSM) seeks to conceal or bury in small print.

Thanks to the Internet and Facebook Live video, this Black-on-White crime has forced its way into the MSM and public consciousness. Although the filmed torture gave this incident an unusual aspect and led to its notoriety and a reluctant MSM exposure, Black-on-White violence and murders occur frequently. In the last couple of years they have included horrific tortures, but these have never been reported beyond local Media, and deliberately ignored by the MSM.

Such race-based murders and violent crimes do surface at some level in the Media when they lead to prosecutions and convictions, but they must be only the tip of the iceberg of Black-on-White/Asian crime and intimidation that is the daily fare of big cities and vulnerable suburbs.

Some years ago I employed a Mexican-born young woman whose family had the misfortune to live temporarily in East Palo Alto. At that time East Palo Alto, separated very effectively by the 101 from rich Liberal Palo Alto, was a Black ghetto and typically crime-ridden. She lived in fear and her family and fellow Latinos were regularly intimidated and robbed by Blacks. None of this showed up in crime statistics, and still does not across America.

In this Chicago case the term ‘Hate Crime’ is appropriate, and as we wrote yesterday, evidence is mounting that the Black ‘community’ (a collective word coined by the Far Left to magnify numbers and manufacture a unity for propaganda purposes) is now politically and socially energized by powerful race hatred, envy and resentment.

On this website we do not believe that this violent race hatred was unavoidable. This is not a White Supremacist website and anyone who visits our Music Choice will realize we think Blacks have contributed to America’s greatness. However, as befits a Broad Right stance, we never set aside reality. The reality at this dangerous and Revolutionary time, is that America’s Black ‘community’ is militantly racist, and so Whites and Asians (even Latino citizens) have a duty to protect themselves and their interests.

The great racial divide that now exists is the product, not of Nature, but of Media Class divide-and-rule, MSM dishonesty and propaganda, and Far Left agitation designed to foment Revolutionary violence. Obama and Holder are directly responsible for Black racial militancy and violence.

Although this Chicago crime was clearly motivated by race hatred, we do not support the concept of ‘hate’ in defining and categorizing crime. Almost all violent crimes are motivated by hate. The ‘hate-crime’ definition is a false construct invented by the Far Left to further the creation of ‘victim groups’ and to reinforce their artful restrictions on honest free speech. We implore Trump’s Counter-Revolutionary Administration to sweep away this legal nonsense that has not only restricted free speech but has been used by the real haters (Far Leftists and perverts) to smear the non-haters (Christians, Conservatives and moderate Nationalists).

Note. Facebook is now under attack by the Leftists, who realize that it is enabling the public to see the race crimes that the MSM and Far Left have long been hiding. There will be calls for censorship on the basis that such items are ‘disturbing’. The last thing they want is for the public to be disturbed by the truth of Black race and anti-Trump hatred.

Photo Credits: Chicago skyline at night, from The photo has been cropped for use on this website.

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