President Kamala Harris

The coming November election is surely less predictable than any in the past 70 years. Not only has the power of the (now ruling) Media Class been exercised more nakedly than ever before, and unvarnished totalitarian socialism presented to voters by a major party, but the chances of the socialist candidate for president making it to election day seem no better than 50/50.

No American in his right mind can believe that Joe Biden is fully in his right mind. The small coterie of the Biden team must be intimately aware of his deteriorated mental state, but so also must be the elite of the Mainstream Media (MSM).

The Biden team, especially family members, have a financial and legal investment in staying the course, but the MSM masters are having to work overtime hiding “Poor Old Joe” from public exposure. And it is getting harder by the day as they approach the TV debates, and as Donald Trump is bursting with physical energy and a sharp mind full of facts.

How to ditch Joe (without handing the election to Trump) must be a topic of desperate debate in the corridors of real power. A fake heart attack or some other medical problem seems likely, and could be easily accomplished by our ruling class and its propaganda machine.

Presumably, in this scenario, Kamala Harris would take his place, and a substitute VP candidate appointed by the DNC.

Many commentators on the Right dismiss Harris as a lightweight who slept her way to the top. It is the view of Radical and Right that Harris is a formidable politician when enjoying MSM support.

We live in an age where glamour beats real intellect and real accomplishment, by a mile and more. If you doubt this, watch the TV programs that are passed off as serious. Apart from the little gang of lesbians, TV news and commentary are full of what used to be called ‘pin-ups’.

President Harris would compare well with women world leaders, past and present. Think Golda Meir, Mrs. Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel.

Harris is confident, hugely ambitious, and domineering on stage. Even as a VP candidate in debate, we believe she will walk all over Mile Pence, just as the bullying Biden demolished Paul Ryan.

Trump is portraying Harris as Far-Left but we believe she has no ideology – just an outsize appetite for power and celebrity. She should not be underestimated and her time might come very soon.

On September 20th, 2019, 59-year-old John Marvin Weed went to the Great Federal Fairgrounds in Maryland. As he was walking along, two teenage Black males accosted him for money. We can assume that he refused, because he was then punched in the head and knocked to the ground. As the Mount Airy resident died, the teens danced around his body and spat on him. All this was caught on camera.

Recently, the two teen killers came before 62-year-old Judge Julie Stevenson Solt, pleaded guilty and were sentenced to probation and a course of anger management.

It is understandable that, like us, many will feel rage against the two young Black killers of a harmless White man. We also feel rage against a Mainstream Media that will hide yet another casual Black-on-White murder whilst putting George Floyd’s death into the history books.

Our greatest rage however is reserved for the by-standers who watched the attack on Mr. Weed without intervening, and even more for Judge Solt, who is White, and reserved her sympathies for the killers. At the request of the attorney representing the killers, she closed her court to the public and local press because the “teens’ past and other details would be too sensitive to be shared in open court.”

For the record, Solt, who became a Maryland judge in 1998 and was re-elected to the 6th Circuit in 2016 by voters in Maryland, has been in the forefront of the movement to allow same-sex couples to adopt and foster. Draw your own conclusions!

Finally, we are buying and consuming Goya products every day and we suggest you do the same. And tomorrow we will add a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ to the Trump bill board on our front yard. That should drive the local Leftists crazy.

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