Blue Lives Matter

From the beginning it struck me that the use of the word “matter” in the political slogan “Black Lives Matter” was another clever propagandist corruption of language like “gay” for pervert. I suppose the nearest we could get to its meaning in the slogan is “of consequence.” Even then it is pretty meaningless, but let us admit that each life is of consequence to someone and generally to more than one – parent, wider family, friend, workmates, and even, in rare cases, to a nation. At this moment Donald Trump’s life matters to all those around the world who wish to see freedom survive as an alternative to creeping totalitarianism.
The whole concept of all individual lives mattering is, for sure, a Christian one. It is ironic that those who scream the BLM slogan want to impose a Communist (materialist, anti-Christian) society in which individual lives count for nothing in pursuit of some greater good. In the last 100 plus years, tens of millions of lives have officially meant nothing in the goal of transforming the world by revolution into a Communist utopia.
The small-time thug, George Floyd, whose death while resisting arrest has been the excuse for moving a covert revolution on to the streets of urban America, was of consequence to himself and probably a few family members. Beyond that small circle, only a genuine Christian would say that his life deserved to be of consequence to all of us.
As it happens, the video with which we have been bombarded by a cynical MSM and its Leftist allies suggests that he was callously restrained for an unnecessary time by a police officer, and that this may have contributed to his death. An inquest and then a criminal court will weigh the evidence and decide if the police restraint was excessive, unprofessional, and motivated by personal hatred and whether it contributed to his death.
This civilized process has not yet been embarked upon, let alone completed, so we have to presume that the protests, riots and destruction are serving some other purpose. Readers of this website and many others know what is that purpose. Unfortunately, citizens who depend on the MSM for information will not know that, and Leftists will not care. One thing is certain – George Floyd’s feckless life and miserable death are of no consequence to the modern-day Brownshirts who belong to BLM and Antifa, to the MSM, Soros and his billionaire plotters, and the Far-Left Democratic Party.
If individual lives should matter to all of us in a civilized society of just laws, then the lives of those who we employ to protect us from predators, the deranged, the lawless and the envious, are certainly of great consequence. Just as military lives should especially matter to us when they are sacrificed defending the nation, police lives should matter greatly when they defend our homes, streets, businesses and, in extreme circumstances, our lives.
In Portland, Seattle and all those other places where Far-Left ideologues and society’s riff raff are gathered together, orchestrated and weaponized by a frustrated Ruling Class, police men and women are sent forth night after night to come face to face with ugly and mindless violence.
When we sit at home in safety and comfort, watching the street violence on computer screens and televisions, how many of us really consider the fear, the dread and the physical and emotional strain that every police officer must experience when answering the call of duty anywhere, and particularly when sent, vilified and inadequately equipped, into what have become war zones? And against an enemy who enjoys an MSM-manufactured aura of legitimacy and heroism, supported by an army of politicians, officials, lawyers and courts panting for just one example of “over-reaction” to being spat upon, screamed at, stoned, punched and kicked?
And what of their families, who not only know the cost in bruises, cuts, broken limbs, loss of sight, scars, permanent disfigurements and exhaustion, but also the daily calumny of Democrat politicians and the news media? Now the homes of these heroes are doxed so that their families live in fear of vandalism and worse.
We are aware that when totalitarians gain power, the police quickly become the tools of oppression, but for the moment our police officers, federal officers and even first responders are unrecognized heroes and it is time for us to get out on the local streets with posters proclaiming “Blue Lives Matter.”

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