Trump And The Mormons

At this very moment of writing, registered Republicans in Utah and Arizona are making final decisions about who to vote for tomorrow. The poll predictions, such as they are, indicate that Trump will win comfortably in Arizona but be humiliated in Utah, where Cruz is said to have a huge lead. The main source of polling in Utah is the Deseret News, a newspaper based in Salt Lake City, and which is owned by the Mormon Church.

The Utah Primary is settled by caucus meetings, a system which tends to restrict the voting base to Republican officials and activists. One consequence of this is that only Party loyalists, in particular those who are generally satisfied with the Party’s performance over the years, will be eligible. Those who have abandoned the Party in anger or disappointment, will not be reflected in the result.

The Deseret News editors, along with Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck, are hostile to Trump and we can assume that the Church hierarchy is also hostile. It may be that Trump’s three marriages compared to Cruz’s commitment to faithful marriage has alienated Mormons, though since Mormons have been associated with more than one wife, this is ironic. Mormons are also Internationalists and spend much time recruiting around the world.

The Opinion poll and the Deseret News have gone to great lengths to report that Trump alone of the three Republican contestants would lose to both Clinton and Sanders in November. This seems like extraordinary hostility in a deeply conservative State, and casts some doubt on the objectivity and accuracy of the opinion polling process.

We reported in an earlier article that Trump’s rally in Salt Lake City was very well attended, and although disrupted by Far Left Soros-funded rioters, the latter did not represent any significant following in Utah, but were enemies of free speech transported in to Utah by outside sinister forces. It is hard to believe that Utah’s citizens will be fooled or influenced against Trump by this.

Anyway, if the Deseret poll is to be believed, Trump’s best hope in Utah is to prevent Cruz from getting more than 50% of the vote and thus receive the whole allocation of delegates.

Arizona on Saturday was the scene of Soros-funded, Communist-style militancy, aimed at preventing Trump’s supporters and sympathizers from gathering. The Trump candidacy is increasingly laying bare the struggle between Nationalists on one hand and Internationalists of all stripes on the other.

The Far Left thugs who are attempting to control the streets, break up Trump rallies and physically intimidate his followers, represent totalitarian Socialism. Their intention is to end free speech by force and ultimately to criminalize all opposition to Socialism. Many conservative bloggers, ignorant of pre-war German history, mistakenly liken them to Hitler’s Brown-shirts. In this they reveal how successfully Academia, Hollywood and the MSM have rewritten history.

It was Stalin’s German Communist followers who, in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s attacked the meetings of Nationalists and conservatives and took control of the streets. In this they were often aided by the police in big cities, for the police forces had been purged by Communist politicians. The Berlin police force was notorious for its support of Red Mobs.

It was Adolph Hitler, at that time a war hero and Nationalist veteran of the trenches, who rebuilt the National German Workers Party and determined to resist the Red Mobs. In several confrontations, Hitler personally led his followers to reclaim the streets by matching force with force. In one incident he took a trainload of followers into a Communist stronghold. This won the support of ordinary Germans who feared a violent Communist takeover. If Trump does not succeed in exercising free speech and free association for the law-abiding, an American modern-day Hitler may well arise willing to meet Red violence head on.

For the record, the Far Left has always opposed free speech, and with violence whenever the circumstances allowed, so there is nothing entirely new about the recent political violence in Chicago, Dayton, SLC, and Arizona. The significance is in its thorough and well-financed organization, its acceptance and toleration by authority, and its target, Donald Trump. These factors are evidence of the presence of a Revolutionary situation, which is what we have been pro-claiming on this website for several years.

The violent Red Mobs which are now seeking to silence Trump and his (Nationalist) followers are made up of the usual components – foreign-born illegals, the lumpen-proletariet of the unsuccessful minorities, criminal elements, and the well-heeled children of dysfunctional families who seek an outlet for anger and a meaning to life.

These Red Mobs are dangerous in themselves, and in the right conditions (which they are now enjoying), effective in stopping free speech. But they are easily manipulated by sinister and powerful forces with money, and a hidden agenda of their own. They are also benefiting from the silent approval of others who will gain from Trump’s failure.

We suggest that those tens of thousands who are mobilizing for Trump and are voting for him, are people who have stopped believing the MSM. Unfortunately it is our everyday experience that many more Americans continue to be influenced by its lying propaganda. Interestingly, it is primarily working class and small-business people who have thrown away the blinkers. Wednesday we shall discover if enough Mormons have realized that Trump is attracting the Red violence because he is the threat to sinister hidden forces of Internationalism, the degenerates of the Ruling Media Class, and the collaborators of the Republican elite.

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