Of Revolutionaries, Sociopaths And Crooks

During last night’s Republican debate from New Hampshire I thought I heard Donald Trump say that Obama doesn’t know what he is doing as President. In other speeches he has said that the people in the Obama administration also don’t know what they are doing.

Maybe Trump repeats this accusation of incompetence, not because he believes it himself, but because he calculates that it is more palatable to, less shocking and less complicated for, the average American voter, than accusations of treason, treachery, revolutionary intent and racism. We hope The Donald – and any other Republican contenders who might reach the White House – understands that Obama is not incompetent, not a bumbler, not out of his depth and certainly not stupid. He is efficiently and effectively pursuing an anti-American agenda.

On this website we always maintain, and often explain, that in order to understand the American upheaval in which we now live, it is crucial to understand that we are in a Revolutionary era. America, for the first time in its history, has a Ruling Class, and through the White House and the Federal Government machinery, it is transforming society, root and branch. The Mainstream Media (MSM) is both the expression, and the propaganda tool, of the Ruling Class.

We can best combat this revolution by understanding past revolutions, and by that we do not mean episodes of national liberation such as the misnamed ‘American Revolution’ of 1775-1781. We mean revolutions like England’s Puritan Revolution which brought Cromwell to power, Britain’s Industrial Revolution which overthrew the Aristocracy, as did the French Revolution of 1789, and the Russian Revolution of 1917. The latter, like the German National Socialist Revolution of 1933 and the Chinese Revolution of 1948 also built political Parties to create a Totalitarian Socialism.

Not all revolutionary successes are achieved by barricades, civil war and battles. Some like England’s Industrial Revolution and Hitler’s Nazi triumph were imposed by stealth and the capture of the legislative process. Others have been imposed by open warfare as in Paris, Russia and China in 1948. What distinguishes a revolution from a mere change of ruler, is that the victors represent a new Class and ideology determined to destroy the existing society and replace it with a new moral, social, political and economic order. The new order is to be created in the image of the victors and for their benefit.

Such revolutions are motivated by a mixture of high-minded idealism and material self-interest. The idealism appeals to the young and those looking for a greater meaning to their lives. It will lay claim to progress, inevitable historic forces and a more just and efficient society. In the early stages the idealism is to the fore and self-interest is concealed. But the material self-interest always possesses the staying power, attracting the opportunists, the greedy, the psychopaths and the criminal.

The American Revolution we are now suffering is advancing by stealth, as befit’s a country with a ‘democratic’ framework and a Ruling Class in control of news, entertainment and education. Its agenda is the result of an alliance between the rich and newly ambitious -but numerically small – Media Class, and the Far Left that emerges in any society where the Government machinery and its workforce becomes inflated, and big cities breed a large underclass of the discontented and dependent.

The stealthily pursued Media Class agenda seeks to destroy the old (Christian) morality and replace it with a libertine and self indulgent society (reflecting the lifestyle of the Media Class). It is comfortably combined with a Far Left agenda of Internationalism, world-wide redistribution of wealth from the USA, an economic leveling down to create ‘the masses’, the subordination of the individual to the State’s machinery, control of speech, self expression and private property, disarmament of the people, and a march to totalitarianism. The modern Far Left has stripped out of its agenda the last remnants of sexual and traditional morality.

Since the opportunists, the greedy, the sociopaths and the criminal are always attracted to a Revolution that intends to abandon Christian morality, redistribute wealth by robbery, render the diligent powerless and concentrate power to Government, Revolutionary Governments soon become a criminal enterprise, recreating a privileged caste serving privileged Rulers. The difference is that wealth and privilege are no longer related to productive effort.

When this understanding is applied to America’s new Ruling Class and its allies in the Far Left Democrat Party, in the machinery of Government and in the mobs of the inner cities, it becomes clear that the policies and actions of Obama and his comrades are not bumbling but driven by a Revolutionary agenda.

We leave it to our website visitors to decide who in the White House, the Government, the Democrat Party and the MSM are the Socialist idealists and who are the opportunists, the greedy, the sociopaths and the crooks. Few are idealists and many are a combination of the other attributes. Some might say that a sociopath occupies the White House and that the current Democrat contest in New Hampshire is between a Socialist idealist and his idealistic supporters on the one hand, and a greedy crook and an army of opportunists on the other.

We would point out that a wealthy Ruling Class with a powerful Government machinery, control of the MSM and marching to total victory, have no problem finding opportunists and greedy recruits among the opposition. On this website we call them ‘collaborators’. We leave it to our website visitors to identify them. We will post your choices.


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  1. My choice of GOP opportunist would be Lindsey Graham: a traitor to his nation and to his Southern heritage. A willing (though perhaps ignorant) participant in the destruction of everything that made the nation great.

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