Trump Notches a Victory or Two

The Mainstream Media did its best to downplay the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision on the Trump travel ban, but there is no doubt that this was a victory for the White House. Anyone foolishly dependent on the MSM for information will have been misled into thinking that the Travel Ban was only marginally approved, but as the Wall Street Journal’s editorial honestly reports, “The Supreme Court lets nearly all of Trump’s policy be enforced as it hears his appeal”. As the WSJ writes, this was a victory for both the White House and for the Constitution.

It is a blow to the credibility of the Fourth and Ninth Circuit Courts, though the Leftist judges on those Courts will not be chastened or humiliated, for they are dedicated to doing the dirty work of the Ruling Class.

SCOTUS intends to revisit the case in October and it is possible that a more divided court will give Trump all he asked for if Roberts and Kennedy join Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch. Sotomayor for sure will probably lead Kagan, Breyer and Ginsburg in trying to restrict Trump’s power, though it is possible that the Leftists’ number of justices in the Court will be reduced by then.

On this website, we doubt that the publicity-loving Kennedy will retire soon, but we do think Ginsburg’s days are numbered. Trump’s second victory referred to in our title is the constitutional decision-making of Gorsuch. His presence at this point is sufficient justification for having voted for Donald Trump.

If Ginsburg does go, by retirement or a journey to Hell, Trump and Mitch McConnell will have a real fight on their hands to replace her with a real judge, for the Ruling Class Alliance and the Senate Democrats will not give in so easily as they did for Gorsuch.

Sotomayor’s pronouncements are revealing her as the Far-Left warrior and revolutionary that explains Obama’s choice. She would have been at home colluding in Stalin’s 1930s Show Trials.

Gorsuch may ultimately join Roberts as an unreliable collaborator but for the moment he is delivering as a strict constitutionalist.

Anything that works to Trump’s advantage is good news for the Broad Right and the counter-revolution he (haphazardly) leads, but the travel ban in itself is hardly a decisive advance in the civil war. Muslims are still entering the country as refugees and for sure Mosques (Trojan horses) are continuing to proliferate. A complete end to immigration is needed. It is my experience that almost all who now enter the US have no attachment to Savage’s ‘borders language and culture’ and many are actively hostile – and I don’t mean just Muslims!

In Silicon Valley, the new arrivals are touted as productive assets. There is no doubt that many – and especially those from India and China – have talents, skills and energy that America’s education system does not create, but they have no commitment to the USA. They are like vultures feasting on a cultural carcass. Vultures do a good job but Trump must halt and reverse America’s descent into cultural carcass-status.

On this website, we seem to have been wrong when we predicted that Trump was preparing for an attack on North Korea, and that the bombing of Syria was a clever distraction. The White House talk about Assad’s chemical weapons sounds like preparation for more military adventurism. In our view, the US should completely pull out of Syria and let Putin have this baking, sandy wasteland all to himself.  Let the troops return home and patrol the Mexican border until the Great Wall of Trump is completed.


Finally, when is Hillary Clinton going to be fitted for an orange suit? Sessions needs to get his finger out!

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