‘Terrorism’ is a Word Now Adopted By MSM

In a revolutionary period when the new Ruling Class controls most of the means of mass communication and ‘news’ is actually cunning propaganda, old innocent words of longstanding are stolen and put to new and dishonest uses. The clearest example is the word ‘gay’, and on this website, we only use it in its original meaning. All Conservatives should resist the theft of honest language and use the words ‘homosexual’, ‘sodomite’ and ‘pervert’ to describe those who indulge in same-sex sexual relationships.

These are honest words of longstanding, and since they accurately describe the behaviors involved they need no substitutes. These words have been abandoned by the revolutionaries and their Mainstream Media because they are honest.

For a time, the new Ruling Class Alliance and their MSM were reluctant to use the word ‘terrorism’ in an attempt to play down the frequency of acts of political/religious violence that were one of the ‘benefits’ of cultural diversity, indiscriminate immigration and the import of hostile Islamists.

Our crypto-Muslim President of eight long years, in an attempt to soothe public alarm over the actions of his co-religionists, had his officials refer to ‘workplace violence’ and avoid the words that began with ‘terror’, for as long as possible.

Now, however, as the number of Islam-inspired terrorist attacks increases in proportion to the number of Islamists in the populations of Western Europe and the US, ‘workplace violence’ is no longer remotely credible.

And, therefore, the propaganda machine that delivers ‘news’ in Western Europe and the USA has surrendered to employing the words that begin with ‘terror’.

Their trick is to render the word almost meaningless by using it in isolation. The words ‘terrorism’ and ‘terrorist’ are now regularly employed in propaganda ‘news’ and have become detached from connections that illuminate.

‘Terrorists’ now strike, and acts of ‘terrorism’ now take place, but the acts of terrorism have no connection to religion. In every MSM report, the ‘terrorists’ and their acts of ‘terrorism’ have no connections to a belief system. The words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ are avoided, defining ‘terrorism’ as an act perpetrated without any connection to real people, real organizations, or religions.

One might conclude that there are terrorists carrying out acts of terrorism in a political and religious void.

This should give many people questions like “why does terrorism occur? If religion or politics has no connection to acts of terrorism, why would so many ‘terrorists’ be active?” The answer is that the MSM should be saying, “Another Muslim attack”, rather than “Another terrorist attack.”

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