We Support Trump’s Raise Act

On this website, we would be happy to see the end of immigration into the USA, which is already heavily populated in too many places. Weeding out all those who are here illegally would go some way to reducing the non-stop expansion and urbanization generated by big cities.

However, there is no point in cutting off a nose to spite a face, and there are good reasons, unpalatable though they are to Nationalists, for importing some talented and hard-working people and granting ultimate citizenship to them.

Silicon Valley and its hi-tech industry has provided America with crucial wealth and technical superiority in the world. Trump is right to protect it and other industries that create wealth, food, and superior American power.

We can write with much experience of Silicon Valley. Its success is largely built on recent young immigrants from China, Taiwan, India, Eastern Europe and to a lesser extent Japan, the Philippines, and some other Asian countries. These immigrants are better educated in mathematics and science, and are motivated to work hard. Too many young Whites have college qualifications that are worthless, and attitudes to workplace discipline that make them unsuited to highly competitive industries. Black Americans, with only a few exceptions, have no educational skills and a belief that America owes them a living.

Most immigrants from Muslim countries are unsuited to cultural integration and their presence in large numbers presents a real threat to the safety of others. Most African immigrants will only swell the Black population that is being left behind by technical progress.

In California and several other south-western states, the legal immigrants have a long history of being irreplaceable in agriculture and construction, because of their hard work, adaptability and relevant skills.

The merit-based RAISE Act that Trump is proposing would limit entry to those with desirable education skills, job offers, and enough resources to not need welfare. They would not have a quick route to citizenship, not have rights to bring in family and be subject to other common-sense conditions. The Act would halve the current numbers of work visas and end the racial allocations aimed at the Socialist Trojan Horse of engineered ‘diversity’.

Trump deserves support from the Broad Right on this issue.

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