Russian Meddling Returns to the News; “Climate Change” in Australia

The Mainstream Media simply can’t let go of Russia. A January 10th CNN Article, titled “US must act now to ward off more Russian election meddling, report says“, returns to a topic which first came up a year ago, and was claimed to occur not last year, but the year before.

Apart from the 200,000 Salvadorians had their protected status removed, the Mainstream Media has not been able to produce many anti-Trump headlines, so they are desperately returning to out-of-date news stories.

This recent article is based on a long PDF document from the 115th Congress. It is all about Russia’s interference with numerous European elections, and claims that Russia has influenced elections in Britain, France, Germany, and several other European countries. It makes many claims that almost seem like conspiracy theories, such as this statement:

Mr. Putin has thus made it a priority of his regime to attack the democracies of Europe and the United States and undermine the transatlantic alliance upon which Europe’s peace and prosperity have depended upon for over 70 years.

It goes on to state that Putin has “organized criminal groups” and “used the security services” to try and destroy democracies in Europe. This is definitely an extremist argument.

Not only is the Senate treating this like fact, but CNN has also treated this statement like fact. They also argue that Russian meddling will occur in the 2018 election – that way, particularly if Republicans win, the Media can blame it on Russia.

Climate Change Check

Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australia, temperatures passed 116°F on Sunday. The Washington Post states – as if it was scientific fact known for thousands of years – that the “oppressive heat, a side effect of climate change, has made life hard for the country’s humans and infrastructure.” Yet, in a Washington Post article on Floridian cold, climate change is not mentioned once, except for a link at the bottom about “How climate change could counterintuitively feed winter storms“.

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