Black Supremacy Movement Must Be Repulsed

On this website, we have regularly posted information concerning Black-on-White crimes of violence and intimidation across America. We are not a primary source but we use information from other websites and news outlets because we exist to expose the agenda of the Media Class and its Far-Left Allies.

One of the agenda items of the MSM is to hide from the American people that part of the civil war that was unleashed by Obama and Eric Holder. These two Black culprits, with the approval of their masters in the Media Class, set about elevating the legal status of African-Americans, who were no longer to be held to the same rules of civil and criminal behavior as others.

This elevation was a new departure, but it was a natural and logical consequence of affirmative action in education, housing, employment, insurance and election rules. The rationale for all these and more was, and is, that African-Americans, because of slavery, cannot be expected to compete and gain success (and catch up) without protection and privileges.

Obama reinforced affirmative action and appointed federal judges to uphold and extend its impact, but he, and Holder at the DOJ, took every opportunity to put African-American violent law-breakers beyond the reach of the law.

Although Obama and Holder had their own racial resentments to assuage, their policies, rulings and interventions fitted comfortably into the larger Media Class/Far Left Socialist agenda of ‘equality of outcomes’, redistribution of wealth (by crime), the balkanization of America, the creation of White Guilt, and the demoralization of the successful White and Asian citizens who have nothing to gain from the revolution.

As always, all revolutionary policies and agendas can only advance with help from the propaganda powers of the MSM. The policies of Obama and Holder, and the accompanying and supportive MSM narrative have resulted in a great increase in Black-on-White violence and an unreported race-based civil war.

Young African-Americans, their sense of victimization inflated by MSM propaganda, Far-Left academics and Black rabble-rousing politicians, have become resentful and simultaneously assertive. Affirmative Action policies have placed many of the more able in colleges where they cannot intellectually compete or obtain useful qualifications. The least able have discovered that assertiveness on the streets mostly goes unpunished, even saluted by the MSM. Knocking down vulnerable Whites and Asians is emotionally satisfying (payback) and raiding stores and shopping malls is materially rewarding (redistribution).

Now, in colleges and urban streets, the two groups are coming together as an organized political force. College protests by White snowflakes are now being beefed up by Black violence. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Bret Weinstein a biology professor at Washington State’s Evergreen State College* is bewailing the take-over by force of his college by Black demonstrators with the complicity of Far-Left administrators.

No doubt Prof Weinstein is a (Jewish) liberal academic who has discovered that the race-based policies he liked when they only impacted White and Asian working-class citizens, has now borne fruit in his own backyard.

The Trump administration, embattled and fighting for survival, is not likely to halt the Black violence that recently led to a train being taken over in an Oakland station. It is up to the citizens of the Broad Right to be assertive in every walk of life. I have a Trump bumper sticker on my vehicle, and several times large White men and a few women have stopped me to express vehement admiration. Yet they say they are too fearful to copy my example. I tell them I carry a weapon and that it is time to resist.

*Wall Street Journal Newspaper, Volume CCLXIX, Number 125. Issued May 31st 2017. The article is on page A17, entitled The Campus Mob Came for Me – and You, Professor, Could Be Next, by Bret Weinstein.


  1. Most of the mischief is centered around affirmative action. It’s a poison that drips steadily into our society.

  2. “No doubt Prof Weinstein is a (Jewish) liberal academic who has discovered that the race-based policies he liked when they only impacted White and Asian working-class citizens, has now borne fruit in his own backyard.”

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Yesterday I saw a clip of Professor (((Weinstein))) on the Joe Rogan podcast blaming the cause of his latest travails on (((Systemic White Racism))). And of course he can say that and re-direct the blame onto us while feigning to be one of us as long as it saves his hide and undermines Heritage America. The second that changes he’s on the first flight to Tel Aviv.

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