Oakland Train Invasion Blacked Out By MSM

Oakland BART Train Invasion

On Saturday evening at around 9:30 PM, a mob numbering more than 50 invaded an Oakland, CA BART train station. Some people on the station were attacked and robbed, but the mob then invaded at least one carriage and robbed the passengers who were returning to Dublin and Pleasanton. Several passengers received injuries.

Some reports say that the attack on the carriage was over in 30 seconds and that the mob departed without hindrance. Most BART trains have cameras but the BART police refuse to release any footage on the grounds that the attackers were juveniles. A police spokesman has said that footage will only be handed over to the Oakland police and Education authorities.

This mob attack has been reported by the local media but with minimal information. In all media reports, the attackers are only described as ‘minors’ or ‘teenagers’, and no reporters have sought more information about the offenders. The Mainstream Media has chosen not to promote news of this mass robbery to the American people.

Those familiar with the city of Oakland will be aware that it has a large Black population and that the White and Asian people live in the Oakland Hills and outer precincts. The city is run by the Democrat Party, and the heads of government agencies are appointed to represent racial and certain sexual minorities. A recent fire tragedy revealed the complete incompetence and corruption of Oakland’s public services. Oakland has also recently been the scene of many unrestricted Far-Left and race-based riots.

The unwillingness of both the Authorities and the MSM to identify the race of the attackers can only mean that they are Black. In this case they are both hiding behind the excuse of privacy and youth, for how can anyone be sure that some 50 or more rampaging criminals are all under 18 years old?

In any locality where parents care for their children, few kids under 16 would be unaccompanied on City Center streets at 9:30 PM, but things are different in Oakland, so it is possible that some in the mob were as young as 12.

Longtime visitors to Free Republic and other Broad Right websites will be aware that mobs of young Blacks have been ‘invading’ stores and attacking vulnerable citizens in a low-level race war since Obama and Holder signaled that they were seeking retribution and street-justice for slavery. Saturday’s Oakland BART train attack is not the only recent one, but it is easily California’s biggest, boldest and best-planned to date.

The Authorities in Oakland are making the usual noises about investigating, tracking down offenders, and beefing up train security. This is window-dressing and the MSM knows it. The people making the usual noises are only older versions of the angry teenage predators and are morally and practically responsible for their lawlessness. They have no more intention of punishing them – or stopping them – than Obama and Holder had of halting Black Lives Matter violence.

America’s contemporary Black versus-the-rest civil/criminal disorder has its own racial roots and its own instigators, but it must be placed in the broader context of the stealthy Revolution that has the Nation in its grip. It is serving the purpose of the new Revolutionary (still ruling) Media Class and its Far-Left Allies, especially now that Trump has stolen their White House and is attempting to fight a Counter-Revolution.

Why else does the MSM (the voice of the Media Class) conceal the racial identity of the mobs from America’s good citizens? Why else does it collude in their escaping punishment? Why else does it promote, magnify and manufacture their grievances?

The members of the Media Class -think of those at the Washington Post, NYT, WSJ, Hollywood, AP, Reuters, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the Silicon Valley billionaires – have nothing in common with urban Blacks, and avoid mixing with them apart from a few celebrities of Show-Biz and Pro-Sport.

Media Class people are characterized by their vanity, self-absorption, sexual vices, gross materialism, search for continual pleasure, neuroticism and ambition. They are largely incestuous as a Class. Why would they care about urban Blacks?

Trump’s Leadership

President Trump has implied that he is willing to put the wall budget on hold. Many on the Broad Right will sniff ‘betrayal’. On this website some articles ago, we suggested that visitors keep their eye on the North Korean situation. We wrote that other issues were his smoke screen whilst North Korea is unsolved.

We still think that, and we suggest that he does not want a budget stand-off in Congress or a government shutdown, at a time when the Korean conflict will break out into the open. In our view, Trump would have been smarter to spend his opening months purging America’s Federal government machine and destroying internal enemies in Academia, the MSM and the Soros-financed Front groups.

However, we continue to trust his commitment to the American people, and his judgment. In answer to a commentator on this website (Lisa), we argue that we (and she) supported Trump in the election struggle because we trusted his sincerity and his ability. Whether it’s his Health Bill, the Wall, North Korea or the budget, we march with him. In for a penny! In for a pound! Let us start considering ourselves part of an army and he is our commander!

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