Discrimination Must Be Restored

Of all the words that the totalitarians of the Moral Revolution and the Left have hi-jacked and corrupted, ‘discrimination’ runs ‘gay’ a close second. It has become the dirtiest of dirty words, not just among political activists, but in official language. It is everywhere accepted that not only is discrimination wrong when practiced in any setting, but to be accused of it is enough to be found guilty and ready for sentencing.

Every official body and every commercial organization considers it essential, above all other claims, to be ‘anti-discriminatory’. In the secular world that the Revolutionaries have created by marginalizing Christianity, ‘discrimination’ is at the top of the list of Commandments, just above ‘bigotry’ and well above ‘judgmental’.

On this Counter-Revolutionary website we ask our visitors from the Broad Right to reject the new language in all everyday conversations and writing. Never use the word ‘gay’ except to mean ‘lighthearted’, ‘cheerful’, ‘merry’ and ‘lively’. When describing perverts, use the word, ‘homosexual’, ‘lesbian’ and ‘sado-masochist’. When describing those who publicly parade in the clothes of the opposite sex, use the appropriate words ‘cross-dresser’ or ‘transvestite’. Only apply the word ‘bigot’ to someone who is unreasonably devoted to a particular creed, system or party.

But ‘discrimination’ has not only been turned into a dirty word of accusation. The Revolutionaries have succeeded in condemning the exercise of discrimination as inherently evil, when it is one of the most important cornerstones of morality,  and one of the most important problem-avoiding human skills.

Our children need to be taught to be very discriminating – in who they mix with, who they trust, who they admire, who they believe and what they believe. As adults, we need to be just as discriminating using common sense, careful observation and the accumulated wisdom of human experience.

That last sentence is, of course, highly Counter-Revolutionary. Exercising discrimination would result in recognizing sodomy as unhygienic; same-sex relationships as unnatural and sterile; cross-dressing as indulging in fantasy; climate extremes and climate change as normal; recognizing racial physical, cultural and intellectual differences as highly significant, and much else that is conservative and anti-Revolutionary.

We on the Broad Right, instead of denying that we are discriminatory, should proudly proclaim that we continually discriminate in our lives, have a right to do so, and that indiscrimination is reckless.


Regarding the Comey Congressional hearings, we refrain from commenting when it is obvious that there is no likelihood of any truth emerging. What the big news that the Mainstream Media is burying (no mention in today’s WSJ) is Donna Brazile’s latest admission that she supplied Clinton in advance with the debate questions. This reveals Hillary Clinton as a colluder and cheater of the first order. Scandalous evidence of a complete lack of character! We might deduce that Clinton benefitted from Media cheating more than once.


  1. One of the great tragedies of the 1960s was the idea that we no longer possessed the freedom of association that buttressed all our other rights. By breaching this precious right, the government was able to move on to other areas that infringe on corporate rights and responsibilities. We’ve never recovered. Without the ability to discriminate, we have no ability to use common sense.

  2. So so true. We reserve the right to discriminate in order to make sound healthy decisions in our lives. If not we are nothing but sheeple lining up for the cull!!!!

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