Republican Fifth Columnists. Goodbye And Good Riddance!

On Tuesday 25th October in the WSJ’s Opinion piece ‘Global View’ the sneering face of Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens sat next to his article headed “My Former Republican Party”. Stephens, as we have repeatedly noted on this website, has been leading that little band of Wall Street Journal Fifth Columnists who, with their scribbling, have worked so hard to undermine Donald Trump’s campaign, demonize and pour scorn on his followers.

Stephen’s latest article, like its fore-runners, sets out the narrative for Wall Street’s Globalist Republican renegades to adopt, in order to justify their finely-timed defection to the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies. It is “Trump’s GOP has left me” and is intended to paint Stephens and his opportunists as true Republicans, and the Party’s long-suffering base as an extremist, uncouth, jack-booted Far Right that has deserted the Party’s decent, civilized leaders and intellectuals.

The truth is that Stephens and his Globalist cabal within the Republican Party leadership have at last been exposed as the collaborators they always were. Trump’s program – apart from his rejection of Globalism as economically disastrous for American workers and a camouflaged descent into UN-run subservience – is at least 80% traditional, patriotic conservatism. At least!

Clinton’s occupation of the White House, which the Republican defectors intend to facilitate with their public attacks on Trump, and in many cases with outright endorsement of Clinton, will complete a Revolution that is transforming America into a permanent Far Left/Fascist corporate subsidiary of a new World Order.

Colin Powell, a comrade of the Bush dynasty of collaborators, has just announced his support for Clinton, timed to do maximum damage. Others who piggy-backed into high office under Bush by using the Republican Party and its rank-and-file, will follow him before the election. Powell, at heart a racist, always belonged in the Democrat Party along with Condoleezza Rice.

The rest of the sorry bunch of defectors and traitors, including Krauthammer, Kristol, Rago, Will, Rubin, Medved, Strassel, Lindsey Graham, McCain, Kasich, Ayotte, Collins, Flake, Hatch, Kirk, Portman, Cochran, Sasse, Goldberg, Erickson, Beck, and Shapiro, having crossed the Rubicon of betrayal, must now pray for a Republican defeat and a Clinton victory. This -changing sides – is the fate of defectors and traitors!

None of this sorry bunch have expressed outrage or been humbled by the WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe revelations of Democrat/Clinton dirty work. Nor can they, for pretending to have sought the moral high ground, they have thrown in their lot with the lowest of the low. All that is left to them if Trump wins is to run to George Soros for financing and start a new political party of leaders and scribblers – with no rank-and-file. Or they can join the Democrats or sink into obscurity.

Meanwhile Trump is marching triumphantly through Florida at the head of an army of born-and-bred American patriots and conservatives. In contrast, the Democrat Party relies on illegal immigrants to canvass minorities and votes. Americans should be outraged that illegal foreigners are interfering in the election process.

The latest Bloomberg Politics poll, a Democrat-supporting outfit, has Trump leading Clinton 45 to 43 in Florida. This poll must be shocking the Media Class and the Clinton camp, yet Hillary is spending time elsewhere fund-raising. Is she medically incapable of the demands of real campaigning?

Bloomberg: Florida Four-Way Election Poll

_____________________________________________ Trump 45%

___________________________________________ Clinton 43%

____ Johnson 4%

__ Stein 2%


In yesterday’s article I drew attention to RSBN TV LIVE. I omitted to mention the sterling work of the indefatigable Millennial Millie of Info Wars on YouTube. Here is another real reporter!

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