Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Muslim: Some Plain Talking

One of the things that concerns my wife is how we are going to fund our son’s college education in a few years time when he will finish Christian school. We have long been saving in a college fund, but even if there is no stock market collapse, it will probably be quite inadequate. Personally, I am not sold on College – apart from Hillsdale and a few scattered Christian colleges around the US – but my wife, probably correctly, thinks College is the only way to ensure a route to decent-paid employment.

I write this because Abdul Razak Ali Artan was attending Ohio State College when he decided to carry out an act of Muslim terrorism against his fellow pupils. From what we are told by the Mainstream Media, he was 18 years old and until two years ago his family, originally from Somalia, had spent several years in Pakistan. We are also told that he and his family were admitted to the USA as refugees (from Muslim Pakistan?) and he is a legal resident. Presumably the whole family is on a smooth path to American citizenship and voting rights.

Let me admit another personal interest in what I am writing. I am an immigrant to the USA, and a citizen, and my son is a born-in-the-USA citizen. I have a daughter who still lives in the UK and some 9 years ago she applied for US citizenship as a single person. I funded her application and guaranteed financial support. She passed all the tests required. Like tens of thousands of legal applicants from the UK and other parts of Europe she is still waiting and will probably never be finally processed.

So I ask, “How did a family from Pakistan get fast-track entry; who guaranteed their financial independence; and who was funding Mr. Artan’s college costs?” My daughter had to supply a lot of information about her past, and like me, was vetted by the FBI. How could the FBI vet a family originally from Somalia and later from Pakistan? I’m just curious.

Now I know part of the answer is that for the past 7+ years we have had a crypto-Muslim in the White House, but the conspiracy to import the Third World into the USA has much deeper Far Left/Globalist roots. Donald Trump has much to put right.

I have to wonder what job Mr. Artan’s father has been doing and how he acquired housing. Were family members given work visas as soon as they arrived? I know the MSM’s reporters would face a firing squad rather than raise any of these pertinent questions. We shall have to wait for those resourceful citizens who dig out facts the regime hides, and then posts them on the Internet.

Today’s Wall Street Journal had a front-page picture of Ohio State University and a cordoned off area with the ‘suspects’ body on the ground and a few policemen in attendance. Over the picture were the words “Lone Attacker Mows Down, Stabs 11 Victims on Ohio Campus”. Under the picture were the words “Motive Unknown”. Can you believe it? The only other front-page mention of this shocking domestic terrorist incident was a side paragraph in small print that mentioned the suspect was a student.

For the record, the big front-page stories were “Trump Makes Health Pick” and “Kushner May Face Business Conflicts”. Page A3 had half a page on the terrorist attack including a picture of a well-fed Artan, who was said to be a “logistics-management major at the business school”. Early into the article is a very long paragraph stating the problems and fears Mr Artan experienced as a Muslim searching for a public place to pray five times a day.

The word ‘terrorist’ is not mentioned either by the officials quoted, or by the four reporters. It seems that the college is not able to confirm Artan’s age, which has been reported in some places as 18. Ohio State President Michael Drake said at a press conference “We all live with the fear that things like this could happen to us” as though car-and- knife attacks by young men of a certain religion that cannot be mentioned, are as inevitable as earthquakes and hurricanes.

The Authorities and the reporters seem to have dismissed the notion that Artan may have had a partner who set off the alarm that conveniently sent the students out where he was waiting with the car and butchers knife. The ‘lone wolf’ narrative is a favorite of Obama’s and has percolated down to become a knee-jerk response of officialdom.

It is the contention of this website that if this incident had occurred in Paris or Germany, the American MSM would have given it much more prominent cover. Quite possibly the MSM in France and Germany is giving this attack much more cover that if it had been in their respective countries. Our point is that the MSM everywhere plays down terrorist events at home so as not to alarm their ‘deplorables’, and which might lead to demands for an end to Muslim immigration and the commencement of deportations. People might ask why, to quote Michael Drake, “we all live with the fear that things like this could happen to us”.

The MSM/Authorities’ plan is to get this Ohio terrorist attack out of the news as soon as possible, never mention the word ‘terrorism’ except to dismiss its relevance, shift the focus of the incident to the reassuring speed of the Ohio State cop Alan Horujko (if he had not, by good luck, been on the spot, many more would have been attacked), and sow some seeds of pity for a young troubled man who could not find a safe public place to worship Allah.

This whole episode and its official and MSM treatment, are outrageous. A large number of innocent young Americans have experienced a terrifying ordeal and eleven have been stabbed. Some will have permanent injuries and all will have been traumatized – not the snowflake type of ‘trauma’, but the real deal blood and pain trauma. Only by a stroke of luck was there not a big death toll.

Why are Somali Muslims in America? On what grounds did this family receive refugee treatment? Who has been paying for them? Why have State Governors, and especially John Kasich been colluding with the crypto-Muslim in the White House? Kasich has been busy over the last year denouncing Donald Trump and breaking his promise as a primary candidate. His ‘Never Trump’ should have been ‘Never Somali Muslims in Ohio’.

Finally, let us end with some common sense observations. There must surely be in the USA, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Christians who experience difficulties finding public places for prayer, even once a day. Indeed, here in California’s Silicon Valley no Christian worker or student dare pray in public for fear of being labeled a bigot and sent packing to the unemployment lines. And so far, none have pre-planned mass murder of colleagues. None have driven a car into a crowd and then jumped out and stabbed those who have survived. Since similar events are now happening with regularity we might assume that the arrival of Muslims is the cause. Artan was surely inspired to mass murder by his religion.

It is a pity that Donald Trump was occupied with appointing the wife of Mitch McConnell to a Cabinet post, for we could have benefited from him making the sort of common-sense statement about terrorism that politicians and officials do not dare to make.

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