WSJ Renews Trump All-Out Assault

The amnesty gang of renegade Republican office-seeking politicians has been relatively subdued for the last few weeks. Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, the Bush family et al, have not been rushing to the microphones of the Mainstream Media to denounce Trump, presumably because they assumed he was lagging well behind in the opinion polls and most of the gang would prefer not to unnecessarily alienate a substantial proportion of the Republican base.

The Internet scribblers and TV panelists who, in order to maintain their importance have arrogantly appointed themselves guardians of ‘pure’ conservatism, continue to snipe at Trump. They rationalize their gift of the November election to Clinton and the Far Left, by inventing a scenario four years on, when a purified conservative Republican Party sweeps aside a failed Clinton Presidency and restores Reagan’s America. Dream on!

In case you have forgotten who they are I will mention some names. Erick Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol, George Will, Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I am sure our website visitors can add to the list. This disparate collection of hot-house plants does not have to worry too much about alienating the Republican base for they don’t seek office, though Levin and Beck are in danger of losing listeners and sponsors.

The one place where the anti-Trump ‘conservatives’ have remained intensely active is in the heart of the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. Led by Bret (Israel First) Stephens, Kimberley Strassel, Joseph Rago and representing the shadowy forces of Globalism, they have not eased off the vicious personal attacks on Trump and the Nationalism he has awakened.

Some of the afore-mentioned anti-Trumpsters are motivated by bitter resentment of an outsider who only recently elbowed them and their aspirations aside. Others are dependent on Big Business contributions to campaign chests and have to do what they are told. All have developed a history of collaboration and surrender to the new Ruling Class that cannot be walked back, and now fear that a victory of the Trump forces will consign them to political oblivion. Few have the guts and character for warfare with a powerful Ruling Class enemy, when the alternative is a painless surrender.

But the WSJ-led gang members are motivated by something much deeper. It is their fear of Nationalism and the Nation State. They see Nation States re-emerging in Europe, where they had assumed that borders and culture had been consigned to History’s dustbin. And now they see it arising like a Phoenix from the ashes in the USA, and all thanks to Donald Trump!

The Stephens gang represents people whose families came to the USA simply to make money and exploit America’s open door and naïve hospitality. They have never felt any identity with the Nation State, its Christianity, its roots and its pioneering people. They live in comfortable, secular bubbles at the heart of the Media Class, well away from the hoi polloi, dealing in money and contemptuous of the people who work with their hands or in menial but necessary tasks.

Socialism, because it is Internationalist in aspiration and is opposed to Nationalism, is acceptable to them. Corrupt Socialism, when the leveling down of incomes does not reach up to the elites – is more tolerable than a Nationalist State in which they don’t belong. Since their Class owns the Media and its related parts of mass entertainment, fashion and advertising, they feel confident that they can control a corrupt, self-seeking Socialist like Hillary Clinton. Her kind of America, a rotting carcass on which to feed, suits them well enough. Trump’s force on the other hand, conjures up in feverish minds, visions of patriotic flags, a cleaning out of the stables, and jackboots.

It is the opinion of this website that the WSJ is the engine room of the movement to destroy Donald Trump and American Nationalism. The WSJ gang is willing to welcome on board all those with a gripe, the greedy and the ambitious without principles. Since Trump’s program is certain to appeal to all patriots he has to be attacked on character and not on policies.

The latest of such attacks – and the most vicious yet – was launched on Saturday on the Journal’s front page and titled “Donald Trump And The Mob”. This attack has been some time in the making with much research into Trump’s past business dealings in New York City and Atlantic City.

Let me be personal for a moment. I grew up in public housing and went to a local school. Many of the boys -all from very poor homes and absent fathers due to the War – were rough and not completely honest. As they grew older many dabbled in crime, more than a few became career criminals, a lot had some sort of criminal conviction and more than a few became successful business men. I had friends among them at school and in the neighborhood, and those friendships and occasional contact continued for me for years after. It was the environment that shaped those enduring contacts.

Donald Trump was in the business of development, construction and gambling. In DEMOCRAT- governed New York and New Jersey. The Mafia mobs (Italians, Jews and Irish) were embedded in those businesses. No-one could avoid doing business with them and thus mixing with them socially. The Teamsters Union, a key union in the construction business with a strangle-hold on transport of materials, was dominated by the Mafia. Often, no-one could be sure who was mob and who was not.

The WSJ has devoted a huge article to smearing Trump with the Mafia. A careful reading reveals only that he did unavoidable business with thugs and took at face value all who crossed his business path. It was a part of the environment of the time and place and no doubt many of today’s Democrat politicians in New York and New Jersey rubbed shoulders and had negotiations with Mafia people.

The WSJ, whose reporters have never investigated Obama’s mysterious past and has devoted few resources to investigating and reporting the trail of deaths, shady deals, sudden riches and alleged sexual crimes of the Clintons, is now smearing Trump with guilt by association. What a hatred these people have of Nationalism!

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  1. In New York City back in the seventies, you could not pour concrete without working through the mob. It was common knowledge. Trump is no more tainted by mob connections than any other contractors who worked in the NYC metro area. And the WSJ is well aware of this.

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