Trump Marches To The White House

In our article of August 29th we predicted that Trump’s surprise appearance in Mexico, if followed by a tough immigration statement in Phoenix, would prove to be the point at which he staked his claim to the Presidency. Since his speech in Arizona was a masterpiece of delivery and content and even more proof of his steadfast character, we are today confident that the Republican Party has picked a winner.

Yesterday we pointed out that the Mainstream Media (MSM), Trump’s formidable opponent representing an alliance of the Far Left and the footloose Globalists of Big Business, had been caught off guard and would find difficulty counter-attacking. The Mexico visit and the subsequent policy speech could not be ignored, for Trump had set the stage too well. At the same time the MSM could not report either in a favorable light or honestly. It has been left to make what it can out of a bad job.

The Wall Street Journal – whose center pages are the home of the Globalist intellectuals, and whose ‘news’ reporters are a voice of the Far Left – was forced to report the Phoenix speech on page one and with big headlines. The task of substituting propaganda for news was handed to three WSJ whores – Reid Epstein, Janet Hook and David Luhnow – and so the Mexico City visit was almost ignored, and the Phoenix speech portrayed as Trump being forced to placate his Far Right supporters with “harsh tones” on immigration at the expense of “softening his tone to reach out to unpersuaded voters”.

It is worth noting here that whenever the two words “reaching out” are employed, be aware that a Far Left propagandist is at work! These MSM whores reported that Trump “told a crowd of raucous supporters”. To be accurate (and I have watched a film of the event), Trump addressed a massive audience of wildly enthusiastic Americans ! ‘Raucous’ is a negative word meaning “hoarse, rough or harsh in sound’. It is a pejorative word deliberately employed to paint the Trump audience as a rough and indisciplined mob. In fact the people present were respectable citizens and they heard Trump heap praise on the Mexican people and their President.

Trump’s visit to Mexico and his following immigration speech in Phoenix, taken in combination, was clearly a seminal moment in the election campaign, yet the WSJ editors could not bring themselves to mention it in the center pages. Instead they focused on the comfortable primary victories of McCain and Rubio and how these indicated that Trump represents a minority of nativists and protectionists in the Republican Party. Notice here that these footloose Globalists dare not write the word ‘Nationalist’.

The MSM led by the WSJ, and the Washington Post, are squirming over Trump’s ascendancy, but this last week belongs to him. Whilst he has stepped on to the International stage, commanded attention and placed illegal immigration center stage where it will resonate with Americans who have grown accustomed to being silenced for fear of denunciations of bigotry, Hillary Clinton has been dancing with the baby-faced Beatles warbler in the Hamptons and getting richer.

When a non-political candidate like Trump emerges in the primaries, it is as a novice facing the final contest to come. Learning must take place on the job and no-one can be sure that the candidate will grow sufficiently to take on the old pro in the big ring. She has learned ring-craft, knows all the ropes, has the referee on her side and maybe the scorers too. But Trump is not only growing fast and brimming with speed and stamina, but he is seizing the territory in the center of the ring. We on the Broad Right are feeling good today.

It was disappointing to see McCain comfortably defeat the excellent Kelli Ward in the Arizona Republican primary. The only explanation we can offer is that many of the thousands who turned out for Trump in Phoenix are not registered Republicans, but will vote in November. If they vote for Trump but not for McCain, the Democrats will gain a Senate seat. As for Rubio, we think a defeat for him and his replacement with an unknown Republican would have risked giving the seat to the Democrats.

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  1. The media are going to go all in on this hurricane in the hope of blunting a poll bounce from yesterday’s double masterstrokes.

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