President Trump Must Exact Retribution. No Forgiveness!

I am much more than ‘fed-up’ . I am much more than ‘angry’. I am seething with a permanent, passionate anger. I am sure that you who visit this website and bear daily witness to the blatant and unchallenged lawlessness of the Obama regime; to the outrageous propaganda of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and its endless attacks on our Donald Trump; and who are denied a voice whilst Republican deserters and collaborators receive MSM star treatment; are similarly furious and wanting vengeance.

Since Obama and his comrades moved into the White House in 2008, we ordinary law abiding, moral and diligent citizens of the United States have been subjected to one humiliation after another, one restriction of freedom after another, and one dispatch further into marginalization after another. And now, in an election campaign that offers us the last chance to resist, we discover that apart from a small corner of the Internet, we are a helpless, victimized silent majority.

As the shameless propaganda of the MSM swamps the airwaves and TV screens, promoting the campaign of a lawbreaking, lying, greedy, unaccountable fraud, we are reduced to near-impotent rage. If not for the heroic efforts of a few, who post on the Internet the video of the Trump rallies and a handful of daily tracking polls, we would all be convinced that we are deservedly being consigned to the garbage bin of history marked ‘surplus to requirements’.

If Donald Trump, in November, overcomes the MSM’s propaganda onslaught, defeats the candidate of the Revolutionary Ruling Class and its Globalist allies, wins despite significant fraudulent voting, and escapes assassination, we must take to the streets, publicly celebrate en masse, and re-establish ownership of the public places.

In those States where open carry is legal, our people must parade like a Counter-revolutionary, liberating army. For we must serve notice to our enemies and their mobs – and to The Donald – that the clock of Revolution is about to be turned right back. And to achieve that Trump must, from the White House, immediately purge the Federal Government machinery and military of Far Leftists and collaborators. Cast them on to the welfare rolls! If they are illegals, deport them!

The clock will not be turned back if the Government machine is left intact. That is a lesson of the Thatcher years, for Mrs. Thatcher, on taking office, attacked the Nationalized industrial behemoths, but failed to purge the government’s own machinery. From then on its vast army of employees and their Unions frustrated the implementation of her policies and campaigned and demonstrated on the tax-payers dime until she was politically isolated and her followers demoralized. President Trump must create mass unemployment in Washington DC, Maryland and northern Virginia! He must encourage the States to do the same.

Almost simultaneously, he must use the powers of his office to purge the DOJ and FBI, and seek out and severely punish all those who have corrupted their political impartiality. Under new leadership, the DOJ must bring legal proceedings against the Obama regime and the Clinton gang for charges including breaking oaths of office and treason.

Trump must also quickly find ways to smash the power of the MSM. Media monopolies must be broken up and the control by the few removed. An agreement with France should pave the way for George Soros to be sent to France to face trial. New taxes should be imposed, and loop-holes closed on the Hollywood industry so that its Far Left hypocrites pay their share and no longer grow obscenely rich.

Finally, Trump and the Broad Right must not be forgiving to the Republican collaborators. We must be as intolerant and unforgiving as the Far Leftists, for we are engaged in a war with them and their enablers and there must be retribution.

Now I feel a little better!

P.S. Bret (Israel First) Stephens of the Wall Street Journal is a leading Never Trump collaborator. Read his Opinion article on page A11 of today’s edition! It’s title is “The Apology of Donald J. Trump”. Can someone explain if this is a spoof or Stephens having a Trump conversion?


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