Brexit Poll This Week

On 23rd of this month (next Thursday), the citizens of the UK (and probably many thousands of non-citizens!) will cast ballots to decide whether the British Nation State survives or is finally absorbed into the German-dominated European Union.

Many broad-Right Americans correctly view the coming November election as the USA’s last chance to halt the march to totalitarian Socialism and complete Balkanization of their country. If America is at five-to-midnight ( and it is!), the UK is at ten seconds to midnight. A majority vote to remain in Europe will signal the demise of the British Nation State and will synchronize the State’s death with the death of the British people as a distinct race.

Whatever the Opinion Polls are saying now, we cannot see a victory for Brexit. It is our view that Britain has been in terminal decline ever since Enoch Powell was expelled from the Conservative Party and then refused to create and lead a Nationalist movement. With his departure to Ulster, he moved from the center of politics to the fringe, and, freed from his presence, the Conservative Party abandoned all pretence of being a Nationalist Party.

On this website we constantly claim that if the American Broad Right is to effectively resist the Media Class and its Far Left allies, it must be a robust alliance of Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. The tragedy of Great Britain – soon to disappear as a Nation State when Brexit loses – is that the Conservative Party leadership by expelling Powell, rejected first its Nationalist roots and then its Christian roots. Conservatism, when deprived of these two pillars, becomes merely a tool of Big Business, turning its back on working people and abandoning its sacred duty to conserve the Nation State.

In the UK, when Tory grandee Enoch Powell first gave a voice to the working people’s fears of mass immigration, the Mainstream Media (led by the taxpayer-funded, Far Left, pervert-infested BBC) conducted a very vigorous and effective campaign to denounce him as a racist and bigot. The White guilt of past Empire, like past slavery in the USA, was a genuine blot on National history, but it was cleverly inflated and exploited by the Far Left, even though actually irrelevant in the unfolding crisis of mass (Third World) immigration.

The plain fact is that no matter what the British had done by exploitation to its colonies ( and it had done much good as well as bad), importing alien peoples en masse into Great Britain with alien cultures and religions, was not a restitution. It would have been better for all concerned for GB to have paid subsidies to newly-independent colonies and blocked mass immigration. The British would have retained their identity, the Balkanization and social disintegration of British cities would have been avoided and the former colonies would have retained their most energetic peoples.

However the collaboration of the Far Left (some of its activists hopelessly idealistic and many more dysfunctional and self-hating) with Big Business eager for cheap labor and indifferent to the native peoples’ best interests when profit beckoned, resulted in the defeat of Nationalism. Powell could have led a Nationalist movement that combined intellectuals and workers but for all his gifts, he was too much an old-school elitist and had no appetite for a popular movement.

The consequence has been that British Nationalism has been effectively smeared ever since as neo National Socialism, with jackboots and swastikas in the closet. Sir Oswald Moseley, a true post-war Nationalist and intellectual, was rightly or wrongly tainted as a pre-war Hitler admirer. Far Left street thuggery, often sanctioned by fearful traitorous mainstream politicians and officialdom, has meant that only the toughest, the desperate, the least respectable and the truly bigoted have kept the Nationalist flag flying on the discredited margins of society. There has been no equivalent of France’s Marine Le Pen, and consequently the BNP, still recovering from the immature leadership of Nick Griffin, has played little part in the current Brexit campaign.

It has fallen to the rootless and opportunist UKIP to provide leadership. Many of its local ‘leaders’ are political dilettantes, yet the antagonism of the White native people towards continuing immigration, and hostility to the EU membership that bars opposition to it, has forced this ten-second-to-midnight referendum. I suppose we must give some credit to Nigel Farage and UKIP as the unlikely heroes, though a well-led and strong BNP would have provided a more effective leadership.

In the second paragraph of this article we wrote of the synchronized deaths of the British Nation State and native British people. The great majority of young White working class Britons, lacking guns, befuddled by drugs and mindless pop music, heads shaved and bodies tattooed, unmarried and childless, employed in menial jobs or unemployed, expressing racial identity through soccer fanaticism and occasional thuggery, and ignorant of Christianity, will soon be replaced by the Muslim colonists, who motivated by religion, are marrying and breeding like rabbits.

It is our view that on Thursday Britain’s young White working class, captivated by TV soccer, will fail to vote, and too many of the older generations will be frightened into ‘remain’ by MSM propaganda and the treacherous advice of Cameron and his Big Business paymasters.

We would be delighted to be wrong, for a BREXIT victory, no matter how unprepared for action are its leaders, would be a devastating blow to the quisling Cameron and his Tory gang, and would de-stabilize the EU, perhaps leading to its early collapse. The defe at of Internationalism in Europe, would also likely propel Donald Trump into the White House.


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  1. Brilliant analysis, George. I’m afraid you’re right. As an Australian currently visiting the land of my ancestors, I see a nation that is a shadow of its former self. When Edward Heath took Britain into the Common Market he cut adrift a half of the British diaspora; the settler societies of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the former colonies who, through fellow-feeling and genuine affection, supported Britain at every turn. It was people from these places that came to Britain’s aid without question – at Vimy Ridge, Gallipoli, Normandy and El Alamein. The Conservatives betrayed them all. I’ve been visiting the UK on business every year or two since the 1970s. On each occassion the country seems more debauched; chip-fattened, welfare-bloated, savage and apathetic. Keep up the good work; yours is my favourite site!

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