Ninth Circuit Moves Hot Civil War Closer

Being right can sometimes be a demoralizing experience when repeated warnings go unheeded. On this website we have, for more than ten years, claimed that a new Class had emerged in the USA, and in collaboration with the Far Left, was seeking to be America’s first Ruling Class. We also pointed out that the assumption of political power by a new Class was a Revolutionary act.

We identified the new Class as the ‘Media Class’, and determined that its power resided in its occupation and virtual control of the News and Entertainment Media fed to the masses, suborning both into propaganda mouthpieces. The new Class was able to circumvent and undermine the restrictions of the Constitution and traditions by concealing its existence from a bemused, distracted, entertained and culturally corrupted people.

We reported that Obama’s election as President in 2008, combined with the capture of Congress by the long-purged Far Left Democrat Party, signaled the penultimate final stage of a Revolution that was social (anti-Christian), economic (redistributive) and Internationalist (open borders) in intent. We have consistently described the last eight years as years of an unacknowledged Revolution-in-progress.

We have always maintained that throughout history, genuine Revolutions (those that involve replacing an existing society with a new order) have been mostly violent. We should have realized that they are not violent if the old society fails to resist. During the last eight years of the Revolutionary Obama Presidency, there has been no resistance (i.e. no Counter-revolution), as the political guardians of the old society (Republican Party) have collaborated out of fear of the propaganda power of the MSM.

There are three overlapping components of the American political Right – Christianity, Conservatism and Nationalism. Christianity in the face of materialism, has been on the retreat for decades. Conservatism has been debased by free market materialism. Nationalism, following the military retreat from South East Asia, was dormant until 9/11, and then tainted by the Bush failure to whole-heartedly prosecute the war against a newly-born Islamic Imperialism.

The Right became somewhat re-invigorated by the Revolutionary gains inflicted on a conservative and mostly Christian people, and captured political power in much of America’s hinterland, but this did not translate into a militant Republican Party in Congress – only into frustration in the grass-roots Right. Obama, with the support of the MSM, succeeded in advancing by edict the Revolution to near-completion.

It looked as though the well-funded collaborationist Jeb Bush would capture the Republican nomination for the Soft Right and lead the Party to a Presidential defeat in 2016, until Nationalism reclaimed its place on the Right in the unlikely person of Donald Trump.

The Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies had assumed that Hillary Clinton, supported by Big Business, the wealthy, and the MSM, would be the next President and complete the Revolution by criminalizing resistance to mass immigration, criminalizing resistance to the new libertine morality, and disarming the people.

The unorthodox, non-ideological Nationalist Trump campaign, fueled by Trump’s amazing energy on the campaign trail and other unusual factors, exposed the weaknesses of Hillary Clinton and the ineffective leadership of the Democrat Party. This forced the MSM to elbow aside the Democrat Party, cast off its mask of journalism, and emerge as the real political power intent on stopping Trump.

Trump’s unexpected electoral victory took the Ruling Media Class and Far Left allies by surprise, but as we insisted, a newly-victorious Ruling Class does not surrender power on the basis of a narrow election defeat. A Revolution is, ipso facto, a civil war unless the new Class faces no opposition. Trump’s Nationalist movement is an opposition, or put another way, a Counter-Revolution.

Trump, a political innocent, is being radicalized by experience on-the-job. He is no quitter, thank God! But he is discovering that the Ruling Class he beat in the election is Revolutionary, and not part of the ‘old politics’ based on common agreements, Constitutions, old settled laws and peaceful transitions of power.

Trump and the Broad Right are discovering that in these last 8 years and more, whilst the Soft Right has been collaborating, and the Hard Right has been divided and marginalized by an obsession with racial purity, the Hard Left has been busy capturing the machinery of government and the Federal Courts.

The Revolutionary Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies are not accepting the election result and will not accept the Trump Presidency. Not at all! They intend to remove Trump from office by any means and in the meantime make his, and our, America ungovernable. The Ninth Circuit and other Federal Courts and judges will play their parts as a political force separated from the law. And they will be supplemented by mass protests, street violence, various forms of intimidation, and sabotage by public employees.

There are three ways this can end. One is that Trump fails to understand the enemy and is driven from power, leaving the Broad Right leaderless. The second is that Trump, employing all the forces of law and order and the military, moves so decisively that he pre-empts the opposition. The third and most likely outcome is a slide into the violent civil war the Far Left thirsts for. By revealing the arbitrary nature of the Federal Courts, the Ninth Circuit has hastened the civil war.

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