The Most Wrongly Vilified Veteran in History

Memorial Day is when many Americans pay tribute to those who have served in the military and, in too many cases, have given their lives in combat. It is still (just) an official day. But in an America intentionally Balkanized and culturally divided by its Ruling Class, it is surely probable that this day will go the way of Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Columbus Day.

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At a time when the Internationalist Far-Left has captured colleges and schools and turned them into indoctrination institutions; when the nation’s young have been taught that America’s military has been responsible for much that is wrong with the world; and when newly-arrived Muslims must not be offended by the flag; it is hard to see Memorial Day not being replaced by something hostile to it, just as Halloween has replaced Christian days. Memorial Day will be buried and the MSM will ensure it is forgotten.

I was reminded of the power of the Media Class/Far-Left Alliance to rewrite history and turn it on its head when I read the ‘Five Best: A Personal Choice’ book review in the weekend’s Wall Street Journal. David A. Nichols, an academic and author was reviewing five books on Joseph McCarthy. Four of his choices were attacks on McCarthy and the final choice has little to say about McCarthy and much to say about Roy Cohn.

What was missing from the ‘five’ was M. Stanton Evans’ fully researched masterpiece “Blacklisted by History”, which refutes, with masses of documentary evidence, every charge made against Joe McCarthy.

It was McCarthy who, more than anyone else, raised the alarm about the Soviet-Communist penetration of America’s Government and its danger during the Cold War of the 1950s.

In the context of our current politics, it is worth reminding ourselves that McCarthy, like Trump, was an outsider who began revealing the neglect of the national interest by a comfortable elite who were nurturing traitors simply because they shared the same privileged backgrounds.

As Stanton writes, McCarthy “was ambitious for success and in a hurry to get it” and “his experience taught him there was little he couldn’t achieve through willpower and sufficient effort” and “his skill as a quick study in mastering multiple subjects”.

“When he reached the Senate, rather than being a bashful silent freshman, he plunged into complex issues”. “A final uncontested point about McCarthy was his sympathy for the little guy and common touch in personal dealings”. The junior Senator from Wisconsin was “hardly a progressive in any accepted meaning of the term, he was first, last and always a populist in his political leanings”.

Does this remind you of our current President?

When McCarthy was 33 and WWII began, he immediately joined the marines. As a state judge, he was exempt from the draft but chose to serve. He went to the South Pacific as an intelligence officer and flew a dozen missions or more in which he doubled as a photographer and tail gunner.

The 1990’s revelations in Soviet files have supported every allegation that McCarthy made about the Communist infiltration of Washington’s bureaucracy at high and low levels, yet his name has been turned into a denunciation of anyone who alleges that the Left-wing is stealthily capturing government.

McCarthy’s personal history and loyal service as a Marine and Senator have been expunged from the record and he is remembered only as a bigot and a public enemy. Such is the power to rewrite history, exercised by the Far-Left, the Media Class and a corrupt academia, and if that alliance succeeds in defeating the Trump-led counter-revolution, Trump will be a dirty word for future brain-washed generations.

Today, on this website we honor “Tailgate Joe” McCarthy and his service to his country.

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