Trump Hits The Clintons Out Of The Park

We implore every visitor to this website to not only watch Trump’s New York speech but to press it on every relative, friend and acquaintance. Do not expect the Mainstream Media to deliver it to the American people because it is political dynamite and packed with information about the Clintons that the MSM is intent on hiding.

This is a speech from the Right that we have not heard since Ronald Reagan went on the Presidential campaign warpath. To be frank, it is a speech we thought Donald Trump was incapable of giving.

Over the long months of the Republican primary contest we got used to Trump’s rambling chats, tongue-in-cheek non-pc comments that occasionally shocked, his digressions and self-promotions. They worked well enough at his rallies where he established a strong connection with his supporters with his folksy humor. The rambling, where he never quite lost the thread, was evidence of a smart mind behind the un-professionalism, and proof that he was not a timid politician of the Right, but speaking from the heart without a script.

For those of us hungry to hear common sense and a Nationalist message for Americans, there was always enough of both eked out in his speeches to endear him to us. We would have liked to hear more firepower, but were grateful for what we got, especially as he never later retreated under MSM attack. But his speeches, better described as ‘chats’, were always ‘loose’ and lacking the concentrated firepower that sends an enemy reeling.

Trump’s New York speech today was as tight as a drum, not a word wasted. He took aim at Hillary Clinton, Billy Boy and the crooked Clinton Foundation, and hit them dead center with machine-gun fire. By the time he finished, the barrel of the gun was red hot. Not one word was wasted, not one punch was pulled, and not one of her failings, her lies and her character flaws, was left intact.

It was a speech the contents of which must have had the timid, mealy-mouthed Bushes, going hot and cold and then hotter and colder. It was a speech that no other Republican politician, up to now, would have dared to make, for it was not the speech of a gentleman dealing with a lady. It was the speech of a fighter with the gloves off and punching his opponent relentlessly with both hands and all his body weight. At last a Republican who realizes the old gentlemanly rules were long ago made obsolete by the Far Left Revolutionary Democrat Party.

Those Republicans who have stayed on the fence because they thought Trump lacked discipline, substance, or public speaking skills now have no excuse for not fully endorsing him. Any who continue to snipe at him or plot his downfall, are motivated by self-serving treachery and not love of country.

Trump today never faltered in his delivery. He spoke calmly and clearly, almost low-key, but the explosive content of his relentless attack maintained the tension to the end. He appeared not to be reading a script or a prompter, so how did he sustain such an onslaught? Is he blessed with a photographic memory or can he pull all this out from an amazing brain?

The opposition will be stunned by his performance today, but it will not cave. The MSM will do all it can to prevent this speech reaching the American people and everything it can to misquote him and then move on. But it will be interesting to see if the WSJ’s editorial board and other Trump intellectual critics of the Right will now acknowledge Trump’s fitness to be the standard-bearer of the Counter-Revolution. Today was the start of a new chapter in the Trump Presidential election campaign.

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