BREXIT And Thatcher

In yesterday’s article we expressed pessimism about the possibility that the British electorate will vote on Thursday to leave the EU. It is the view of this website that the native British people – the only citizens who could have an interest in reclaiming the UK’s national independence – after more than five decades of mass invasion from the Third World, more than five decades of propaganda for multi-racialism and multi-culturalism, three decades of official intimidation and punishment for exercising free speech, a public education monopoly by Socialists, the early death of Christianity, and a mind-numbing exposure to the Mainstream Media’s cultural garbage, will not have the nerve and vision to vote for a journey into self responsibility.

The Ruling Media Class of the UK is overwhelmingly in favor of the EU, and relishing the World Government that beckons beyond it. Big Business has no interest in Nation States, borders, languages and cultures, and Big Business dictates the agenda of the Conservative Party. David Cameron, the Conservative Party leader, is not only a lackey of Big Business but a social progressive who would be comfortable in America’s Democrat Party. The UK’s Labour Party is Far Left and Internationalist. And there are millions of citizens who depend on Government and its bureaucracy, for jobs, pensions and welfare. Half the country appears to be early retired or on disability pensions, and many of those in employment enjoy minimal working hours that can only be sustained in the world economy by money-printing. Such people are easily frightened by risk, and the ‘Remain’ campaign is playing on their fears.

The native British people are largely childless, spiritually empty, and ignorant of, or ashamed of, their Nation’s history. Why would such people care about the long-term future of the Nation and its people, or want to embark on a risky return to true independence?

Nevertheless, the fact that the referendum is taking place is evidence that there are those who do still care. Probably Cameron miscalculated their numbers when he committed to a vote of the people, expecting that the vast majority would be easily frightened by a massive, official public campaign outlining the dangers of life outside continental Europe.

The EU has always been a gravy train for an elite, its inefficiency and corruption hidden beneath grand claims and a phony and cynical appeal to idealism about ending Europe’s wars. It has been an economic failure, stifling free markets, competition and inventiveness with a totalitarian bureaucracy. But its brand of ‘Socialism’ that has really been closer to Fascism, has provided ordinary Europeans with a gently-declining standard of living, largely cushioned by Germany’s natural industriousness.

Of late, the EU technique of postponing tough decisions, kicking cans down the road, and printing money to stealthily rob the savers and the frugal has begun to come unstuck as options run out. This emerging economic crisis might not have been enough of itself to threaten the EU with an unraveling, but it has coincided with the Obama/Clinton manufactured refugee chaos in the Middle East and the revival of Islamic Imperialism.

The latter has been especially traumatic for the UK, where the Pakistanis have been colonizing British cities since the late 1950’s, aided by a domestic Far Left’s insistence on non-integration of racial minorities and all cultural concessions to be made by the native people. The Muslims have been getting married (to each other) and having many children whilst the natives have been having dogs, tattooes, nose-studs, drugs and Rock festivals.

The Pakistani Muslims have been reinforced by the North African Muslim invasion that Angela Merkel has invited into Western Europe and which because of EU rules, cannot be halted at the English Channel. At the current rate, the UK will be Muslim-dominated in about two decades and Sharia Law will replace what is left of Britain’s historic and unique legal legacy.

This is what has fueled BREXIT and upended the weasel Cameron’s plan for a vote that was intended to once and for all end British identity. A rebellious Nationalism has re-emerged among the people and just might take the UK out of the EU.

In the previous article we claimed that British Nationalism was extinguished when Enoch Powell refused to lead a spontaneous mass movement of the working people. The workers who took to the streets for him in protest against mass immigration, multi-racialism and multi-culturalism, were the same sort of people – maybe a little coarser and less Christian – as today’s Trump supporters. Powell, who would have articulated Nationalism of the highest quality, was not comfortable with the unsophisticated energy, and withdrew after sacrificing his own reputation at the hands of the MSM and Far Left. His character subsequently suffered the same fate as Joe McCarthy when history was re-written by the victors.

Some have been asking us ‘What about Maggie Thatcher?” Wasn’t she a Nationalist? Well, yes and no! Thatcher captured the leadership of the Conservative Party and inspired its rank-and-file with a program of market-place freedom and a dismantling of the UK’s Union-dominated heavy industries. She took on, and defeated the public service unions of coal mining, railways, docks, printing, iron and steel, telecommunications and road transport, and denationalized these (mostly) declining dinosaurs. In doing so she broke the power of the organized working-class Left.

Unfortunately, she failed to recognize the growing political power of the Welfare State. By stripping Arthur Scargill and other Leftists of power and troops, she handed the Labour Party to a new breed of college-educated totalitarian socialists – Teachers, College lecturers and Professors, Social Workers, Welfare workers, Probation Officers, Government bureaucrats and permanent students. All of these radical activists, funded by the tax-payers and able to do their politicking in working hours, were Thatcher’s ferocious enemies throughout her time as PM.

Thatcher was initially pre-occupied with the economic ideas of the Chicago free-marketeers but Nationalist issues increasingly forced their way into center place. The IRA’s violent campaign to take over loyalist, Protestant Ulster, and the Argentine Junta’s invasion of the Falkland Islands nurtured the instinctive Nationalism in her heart and pushed her more and more towards the Broad Right and against the Internationalists who favored surrender to Galtieri and the IRA.

Towards the end of her reign she began to part company with those who placed economics above all else, became hostile to the EU and in favor of reclaiming British political independence. She also resisted the homosexual lobby. Such Nationalist sentiments further inflamed the new Left, the emerging Media Class embedded in the powerful propaganda organ BBC, and the Unions that controlled the Government machinery,

It also revealed that the Conservative Party professionals, unlike the Party rank-and-file, had never tolerated a Party with genuine Nationalist commitments. They were happy to wave the flag at election times but their loyalties were with hidden Internationalist forces. The MSM had no difficulty finding an endless line of back-stabbers among her Parliamentary colleagues and she became an isolated figure in Parliament. After her departure, any hint of Nationalism in the Conservative Party was snuffed out. The workers never marched for Thatcher as they had marched for Powell, for her denationalization program had left many workers unemployed.

History often repeats itself and there are many similarities between the British Parliamentary Conservative Party’s betrayal of Thatcher and those Congressional Republicans who now seek the MSM to bring down Donald Trump and his followers.


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