Plotting the Overthrow of a Duly-Elected Government is Treason

This article is a follow-up to the previous one of yesterday, in which we argued that the Media Class/Far Left Democrat Party refusal to treat as legitimate a newly-elected Presidency, is unprecedented in modern American history. Our explanation is of course, that these are not normal political times, but Revolutionary times in America, and that we are living through America’s Second Revolution and on the cusp of America’s Third Civil War.

When profound changes unfold in increments, those experiencing them are inclined to lose sight of the big picture. A certain amount of adjustment in thinking occurs with each step. No-one in St. Petersburg in October 1917 doubted that a Revolution was taking place, for the barricades were in the streets, the Bolsheviks were executing people, and the Revolutionaries were loudly proclaiming their agenda. No-one in Paris in 1792 was in doubt about the Revolution as they watched the tumbrels roll by filled with aristocrats on the way to the guillotine and were directed to record events with a new calendar.

But America’s Revolution has been psychologically advanced over decades by the Mainstream Media (MSM), and stealthily legislatively enacted over the past eight years of the Obama Presidency. The world and America have been slow to put the pieces together and identify the big picture. What has been Revolutionary has been too easily seen as evolutionary, thanks to the awesome propaganda power of the MSM in all its facets. American society in reality has been torn asunder by the agenda of a Revolutionary Democrat Party and its President. The mild and misleading description applied to this has been ‘polarization’ – as though two sides have equally and regretfully moved apart.

The reality is that only one side has moved and that is the side occupied by the Media Class, its MSM, the Far Left (long-purged) Democrat Party and recent immigrants both legal and illegal. The Broad Right of Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists has not moved in a century or more, and on many profound issues of ‘borders, language and culture (to quote Michael Savage) has never moved. Traditional marriage between man and woman, the sanctity of life at birth, and the natural division of the sexes into male and female, are examples of fundamental issues where one side of today’s political equation has not moved whilst the other side has moved to Revolutionary (ideological, nature-rejecting and untested) positions. This is a polarization created by only one side!

It is not yet three months since Donald Trump was officially declared the winner of the Presidential election and Hillary Clinton conceded defeat. It is less than six weeks since Trump took office, but in that time the losing alliance has created a narrative -without evidence – that the election was illegitimate and that any and every means -including law-breaking and violence -are justified to overthrow the President. Because this transition from Washington ceremony (where both Obama and Hillary Clinton attended) to today has been over weeks, no-one seems to have realized that the anti-Trump forces, which include the whole Democrat Party and its Congressmen, have denounced President Trump as an illegitimate occupant of the Office. They are boasting that they will bring his Presidency to a halt, even before he has fully assembled his Administration.

This is entirely different from opposing, through Congress, various Trump policies as they are presented for discussions and votes. Surely this opposition can only be described as plotting the overthrow of a legitimately-elected President and therefore treasonous.

Global Warming Watch

For the record, here in California’s East Bay, very cold weather has been the norm since October. Apart from the widely-reported periods of rain, almost every night has brought deep frosts, and despite sunny skies, daytime temperatures have remained low. When the current temperatures are compared to those of the past twenty years, global cooling is a rational conclusion. As with the heavy rainfall (welcome), the low temperatures are not historically unusual.

It is worth noting that the weather forecasters totally failed to predict this wet winter and were wrong in forecasting la Nina last winter. Quite frequently their daily predictions are strikingly inaccurate. Why should we believe that weather 30 years ahead can be predicted? 


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