Trump Has Exposed Revolutionary Fault-Line

First I would like to thank those website visitors who have posted us encouragement. It is rewarding to know that somewhere out there – maybe even in far off lands – there are free speech, liberty-loving, independent counter-revolutionaries whose views are reinforced and energized by this website and the Christian-skeptic, moderate Nationalist and common-sense Conservative who writes the articles.

Mention of the Radical and Right website is banned by some Conservative websites because occasional articles are sympathetic to the UK’s BNP and European Nationalist Parties. Whilst we consider Conservatism, Nationalism and Christianity to be natural bedfellows, too many seek purity and division. We ask all who generally agree with our content to recommend us to as many people as possible and encourage regular website visiting. We have no other way of extending our reach. We believe that the disastrous clock of Revolution can only be turned right back when the existence of the ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies is exposed, together with their agenda. A proper understanding of this ruling alliance, partially hidden from view and advancing its Revolutionary agenda by stealth and the awesome power of the Mainstream Media (MSM), will help lay the ground for a counter-revolutionary and victorious alliance of Nationalists, Christians and Conservatives.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”. Voltaire.

Unfortunately the writer is not able to publicly admit identity and residence – a step that would increase the trust of website visitors – because of a fear for the safety of his family. It is one thing to risk the economic persecution of the Far Left, the unhinged rage of perverts and the homicidal violence of Islam – and this writer is capable of defending himself – but it is another thing to put one’s vulnerable family at risk. We now live in an America where the normal people have been stripped of Government protection, and hostile hordes of the abnormal are constantly receiving official funding, favored legal status and MSM encouragement. Since normal people have become fearful of speaking their minds in public, it is not unreasonable for those of us who post uncompromisingly truthful views on the Internet, to hide behind anonymity.

Donald Trump, as we have written many times, is an unwitting counter-revolutionary. Most likely, he was only vaguely Nationalist when back in June 2015, for love of his country, he threw his cap into the political ring. As of now, since he is a very smart guy, he must be aware that he is leading a large movement of angry people who see their legitimate interests as Americans being sacrificed on the alter of Internationalism and experimental Utopian Socialism. But we are certain that he remains unaware that America is experiencing a full-blooded Revolution, one brought about by the accidental emergence of a new Class, its formal capture of Government in 2008, its alliance with the Far Left, its transformation of the old Democrat Party into a new Revolutionary Red Guard, and its power over the people through its propagandist Mainstream Media (MSM). It is uncertain that he realizes that a Democrat victory in the November election will consolidate the Revolution and beyond the point of return.

We have to hope that the iconoclast Trump, our best-equipped candidate to win, is gaining awareness of the political and moral forces that are engaged in real civil war just below the surface of American life. Because a Revolutionary force, both Far Left and grossly immoral, is in the process of remaking America in its own image, the old politics and its rules of engagement no longer apply. Thankfully Trump’s fight is not constrained by the old rules, and oh how this unnerves the traitors and collaborators!

It is unfortunate for us that the new Rulers, because they control the MSM and possess enormous wealth, have largely concealed their Revolution from a dumbed-down, distracted and intimidated electorate. However Trump, probably unwittingly, has aroused many from their slumbers and given voice to others who had felt deprived of one. Consequently, he has exposed the real fault-line of our politics as it is at the moment. On one side is ranged the alliance of Internationalist forces – the Media Class and its MSM, Big Business, and the Far Left – all united in their determination to open the borders ever wider, import the Third World, submerge America in a World Government, redistribute America’s wealth to Africa and South America, create a new anti-Christian morality, and suppress dissent with an intolerant big Government.

On the other side are the forces of Nationalism, Bible-based traditional Christianity and the conservation (Conservatism) of all that represents 2,000 years of developing European civilization and some 400 years of American sweat and toil. Trump’s primary campaign, by unlocking the forces of American Nationalism, has exposed the real fault-line that runs through this next election. We have to hope that those who flock to his rallies will inspire him, and cement his commitment to the American people by working to protect their values and traditions.

 Global Warming Watch

Last summer here in middle California was a little longer and hotter than usual, but so far this winter has been consistently colder. Other parts of the USA have been experiencing intense cold and heavy snow. There is much MSM talk of a warm Pacific Ocean bringing a devastating El Nino to California. For the record, we can tell you that the rains that have fallen so far are only typical of a normal Californian winter. They have in no way replenished lakes and reservoirs and with January almost gone, El Nino is nowhere in site. Daily weather forecasts have been woefully inaccurate and a reminder that the ‘experts’ do not have the tools of an exact science. If the next day’s rain cannot be predicted with certainty, the next decade’s weather is even less certain and we must assume that forecasts of 30 years hence are governed by a political agenda.


  1. I agree that Trump, if he is authentic in what he says, is probably an accidental Nationalist. We are desperate, and I am willing to overlook his pretend nods to being a Christian and the pandering thereof. The status quo, whether Democrat or Republican, will be disastrous, and we cannot afford anymore calamities than those we’ve already suffered. If Trump can build an effective wall, kick out the illegals, keep out the Muslims, make blacks understand that we’ll no longer be putting up with their asinine and destructive behavior, put the brakes on economic globalism – especially where China is concerned, put Israel in its place and cut us loose from their burden, then we’ll have a good start.

  2. I forgot to say that I will indeed link to R&R as the occasion permits. I did not know that R&R was banned at “conservative” websites. Don’t those same conservatives bellyache when liberals do the same to them?

  3. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I got your website added to another website that is a sort of Drudge Report of Alt-right websites. The guy who’s running out was promoting it at various forums and blogs this week, and I gave him your web address and he added it. You can see your entry here:

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