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Dr. Michael Savage, the Nationalist Talk Show host from San Francisco, who goes where angels fear to tread, invited his large national audience to identify all the subversive organizations that Donald Trump must, on behalf of America, attack as soon as he occupies the White House in 2017.

Savage correctly placed the ACLU at the top of the list, closely followed by the grossly misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center. All of the Soros-funded organizations need to be investigated, he said, including Black Lives Matter. Savage’s listeners quickly added to his list with the names of some dangerous below-the-radar Leftist lawyer organizations that have no other purpose than to deconstruct America and destroy its working people. One caller listed Al Sharpton, the race-baiting shyster who is a regular visitor to the White House and who nominated Loretta Lynch for the DOJ. Dr. Savage promised that he would compile the list and ensure that Trump had it on his Presidential desk on Day One.

On this website we would add that all the DOJ’s staff should be dismissed within the first week and that a new team of honest American-loving lawyers should be assembled and in waiting to take over. All of the subversive organizations need to be buried by DOJ demands for financial records going back a decade or more, so that they are swamped with this work and this work only. This is how the Obama Revolutionaries have been exhausting conservative organizations and law-abiding citizens. It is time for pay-back.

We would add that the Trump Presidency must not take the George W Bush polite and forgiving stance that let the Clinton’s off the hook. America needs a vindictive Trump Presidency determined to dig into every aspect of the Obama White House, rooting out every felonious and illegitimate act, every indulgent spending of taxpayer money and naming all those who have had inappropriate access to the Obama Presidency. He needs to be held fully accountable for all his un-Constitutional edicts as President and Hillary Clinton also need to be fully investigated with the goal of long term imprisonment.

One of the reasons we support Trump is because we believe he is capable of the ruthlessness that is necessary in order to bring to book the traitors and opportunists who have operated from the White House these last eight years, unchallenged by the Congressional Republican collaborators and pansies. The last thing America needs is a President who will talk about letting bye-gones be by-gones, uniting the Nation by just ‘moving on’, doing things the American way, healing and reaching out. There is much cleaning out to be done and Presidential ‘forgiveness’ will be unforgivable.

On this website we also believe that Hollywood, the Entertainment industry, the Fashion industry, the Advertising industry and the TV giants need to be put on the defensive by a Trump government, their tax-evasions investigated and their monopolies broken. Our current government has had no problem shackling and intimidating useful industries so there must be ways to shackle the Media Class industries which have peddled immorality, perversion and anti-American propaganda whilst growing disgustingly rich.

Obama in his State of the Union address dismissed the notion that America is engaged in the Third World War and asserted that our Muslim adversaries cannot be compared to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The Republican candidates, including Trump, let him get away with this nonsense too easily. The Germans and Japanese never attacked the American mainland. Between 1941 and 1945 American residents were able to sleep easy in their beds, go to their workplaces, shop in their malls, enjoy public entertainment, eat in restaurants, attend Churches and travel around the Nation – and all without hindrance, danger and fear.

In a recent article we described the costly and inhibiting army of security people required at airports. It is impossible to attend a sporting or similar event anywhere in the country without a search of bags by security guards. No doubt all military installations and many public facilities like dams are on constant alert. The threat and our Muslim enemies are real! Such domestic precautions were unnecessary during World War Two, and during the Korean and Vietnam Wars against Communism. It sure feels like we are at war now, even though we are not allowed officially to call out the enemy by name. Worse still, this time the enemy has a friend in our White House!

Last night I watched some of the Republican debate. I dislike seeing Trump and Cruz attack each other and I am sure most Conservatives feel the same. Trump began this back when he saw Cruz rise in the Iowa polls. It seemed to me that he artfully pretended to be cautioning Cruz in a friendly way whilst planting a distraction for him. Trump has proved to be a rascal when dealing with a rival. As it happens with Trump, he has succeeded with the distraction and might even turn out to be right about the issue, though he never intended to act as a friend.

On the Charleston platform last night, Trump mostly rode the good punches that Cruz threw, though they did count as Cruz points. When Cruz threw the New York punch, Trump not only dodged it but almost succeeded in delivering a knock-out counter-punch. It struck me that here is Trump, a novice, competing with expert and very experienced political campaigners, and he can more than hold his own. This bodes well for the Nationalist cause, for Trump is clearly in the contest to win and can ruthlessly play a little dirty.

Like many Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists, I think Cruz is one of us, but as a blogger wrote this morning, he fails to project charm. Charm, an easy-going manner, and likeability, were Reagan attributes that won the support of the politically uncommitted. Trump can appear to be good-natured and relaxed, self-deprecating and tongue-in-the-cheek boastful, quick-witted and funny, confident in his will-power and casual, interestingly meandering yet never losing his thread, and able to deliver a powerful and unexpected blow. He is not at his best in the debates but is at his impressive best when he is alone on the stage and delighting his followers. No current politician can begin to match his performances at the rallies or bring out the crowds on cold nights.

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