Right Still On Top

On this website we wish Trump and Cruz would reach an accord to stop attacking each other’s character and credentials and instead train all their fire on the Republican establishment, Internationalist billionaires, the Far Left Mainstream Media and the loathsome pair of Clinton and Sanders.

Trump and Cruz are increasingly fighting this 2016 primary contest in their own respective interests, and we understand that people who enter such contests are inevitably self-centered and likely to become increasingly self-focused as the campaign heats up. For the Nationalists and Conservatives who flock to their support however, the motivation is not at all self-centered. It is desperation and anger about the rise and domination of the Revolutionary Obama Government, and the betrayal of the Congressional Republican Party which has collaborated with the enemy.

We believe that the rank-and-file supporters should pressure the two candidates to call a truce so that Nationalists and Conservatives can march together as a Counter-revolutionary force. Trump and Cruz need to recognize that the 2016 election campaign is not the old ‘politics as usual’ but an advanced stage in an undeclared civil war. America stands at what may be the last cross-roads. There is no excuse for a war of egos being fought between Trump and Cruz, a war which is dividing and demoralizing their respective followers. Many patriotic conservative families are torn in their choice of who is best able to turn back the clock. Most are ready to unite behind either.

For the good of the Nation and its loyal and productive citizens, Trump and Cruz should from hereon run as a prospective President and Vice-President team, with Trump committed to serve only one term. They should declare they are running against Rubio, Bush, Kasich, Christie and all those Republicans who favor amnesty, a path to citizenship and continued immigration. They should also declare that once in Office, every piece of Obama legislation and every Executive Order will be revoked. Finally they should commit to America’s return to Constitutional Government, restoration of integrity to the Armed Forces and the Department of Justice, defense of the 2nd Amendment, full freedom of speech and the return of the Christian Church to the Public Square.

We claim that this alliance would sweep the Right back into power and reverse the Far Left Revolution that is on the verge of transforming America and stifling liberty. The evidence for our claim is in the latest polls.

NBC News/Survey Monkey weekly tracking poll of 10,320 registered adult on-line voters released today. Trump 38%; Cruz 21%; Rubio 11%; Carson 8% and next Bush 4%. If we include the Carson supporters, we see that the real Right totals over two thirds. In Georgia today, the Morris News Service (Atlanta) poll of ALL voters is Trump 33%; Cruz 23%; Rubio 8%; Carson/Bush 7%.


Trump: **************************************

Cruz: *********************

Rubio: ***********


Trump: *********************************

Cruz: ***********************

Rubio: ********

We supporters need not pick over the past shortcomings of either candidate. As we previously pointed out, both have risen to prominence in an era when the MSM and International Big Business have corrupted and perverted the political and business world. No-one could survive and emerge pure. In the Presidential election our candidate will be facing an opponent, a Party and a MSM that is riddled with lies, corruption and hypocrisy – and shameless. It is absolutely clear – and we can tell this from the relentless attacks on them by the MSM, the Republican elite and the Far Left – that Trump and Cruz are on the Right side.

This day in 1807, Robert E Lee was born in Virginia. Many, including some who visit this website, say he was America’s greatest General and an American hero. Certainly he was a finer man than Martin Luther King. King’s Day was marked by small Black demonstrations and disruptions in several big cities. In California, the Bay Bridge was blocked for many hours, causing traffic chaos and long delays for those returning home from work.

The organizers of this heroic and civic-minded action were members of ‘Black Seed, a Black, Queer Liberation Collective’. Apparently, in Democrat-controlled San Francisco and Oakland there is continued ‘oppression of Black, Queer, Brown, Indigenous and other marginalized people throughout the Bay Area.’

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