Nationalism’s Trumpet Call Is Not Fading

Donald Trump’s substantive vote in New Hampshire, coming on the heels of a solid second place in Iowa, puts him in the Republican driving seat as the contest moves to South Carolina. At the same time, it is becoming clearer that Trump’s chance of ultimate victory lies outside of the confines of the Republican Party. Trump’s faction is Nationalist.

The support among registered Republicans for Ted Cruz, best described as the Conservative faction, is also substantive, though not as large as the Nationalist faction.

The third faction, neither Nationalist nor Conservative, is represented by a shrinking number of candidates – assuming Christie and Fiorina now drop out of the race. The support for Kasich, Bush and Rubio can be lumped together as that of the Republican establishment and those center-Left Republicans who seek an accommodation with the Media Class/Far Left Revolution.

These Republicans- and they include a significant minority of activists and voters, as can be measured by the total of votes cast for the center-Left Republicans – accept that the Far Left has succeeded in reconstructing America as a multi-cultural, multi-racial, secular, sexually-progressive society, and the clock cannot be turned back. The task ahead for the Republican Party as they see it is to be a loyal and listless opposition to the new order, enjoying a share of the fruits of power.

And so, as of now, the Republican contest is split between Nationalists (Trump), Conservatives (Cruz) and Collaborators (Bush, Rubio and Kasich).

The Collaborators are richly funded by Internationalist Big Business, a segment of Wall Street, and Moral (anti-Christian ) Progressives. Their problem is that as yet they have no clear winner. They may now grasp at Kasich but Jeb Bush is more likely to emerge in South Carolina and Nevada as their best hope. They pin their hopes on a mutually destructive struggle between Trump and Cruz, exacerbated by the MSM..

Trump, Cruz, and their supporters, although not aware that they are Counter-Revolutionaries, are on one side of a great and unprecedented divide. On the other are the Republican Collaborators, the Mainstream Media (as the awesome propaganda tool of the Ruling Media Class), the Far Left Democrat Party of Sanders, Clinton, Biden, Warren or Bloomberg and billionaire sexual perverts.

The Media Class and its Far Left allies have a problem in the run-up to the November election. Unless they can promote a new candidate, they are stuck with a reckless, lying, unappealing, greedy crook (under investigation), or a Far Left old Trotskyite who seeks Communism right away instead of by stealthy increments. Sanders is also advocating biting off the hands of the Party’s Wall Street benefactors. The Democrats will have another problem if Sanders continues to run Clinton closely and is then defeated by her ownership of unelected super delegates. His followers may feel cheated enough to stay at home on election day.

The problems on our side include a Nationalist leader who never goes quite far enough on immigration control; the (unnecessary) rift between Nationalists and Conservatives on traditional social values; and the failure of America’s persecuted Christian Churches to perceive that their survival (and the Nation’s) depends on reversing mass immigration and halting the resettlement of non-Christian ‘refugees’ in the USA.

The good news is that Trump’s New Hampshire success indicates that a lot of Republican voters recognize Third World immigration and Islamic infiltration as the priority issues. And Trump, who has energy and a growing commitment to the fight, has lost none of his willingness to slaughter sacred cows. Miraculously, he has so far escaped assassination.

If Cruz falls by the wayside in the coming primaries, it is not clear how his Evangelical supporters will divide. Too many Christians are other-worldly and attracted to suffering and martyrdom. Some are already colluding in Obama’s importation of his Muslim brothers. But Trump is already proving that his support is not confined to the Republican Party and Conservatives. The threat of Islamic terrorism and Islamic Imperialism, plus the economic damage inflicted on working Americans by mass immigration, may transform Trump’s candidacy beyond the confines of the Republican Party and its traditional voters.

For the moment, thanks to New Hampshire voters, let us savor the rage and fear of the Media Class, its Far Left allies and the Republican collaborators.

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