Iowa Decides Nothing

It was always possible that the outcome of the Iowa primary would indicate a clear National front-runner, both for the Republicans and the Democrats. It certainly has not done that. Indeed for the Republicans the view down the road is even more foggy, and we think even more hazardous for Nationalists, Conservatives and Christians.

For the Democrats, Sanders had the most to be happy about. But he needed a decisive win over Clinton to increase his chances beyond New Hampshire. As it is, he may eke out an Iowa win if Clinton’s six coin-toss wins are overturned, though the ruthless Clinton camp will be applying every possible pressure on the local Democrat officials to slap down the Sanders challenge. Given that the Clinton’s have a long history of unprincipled, unscrupulous behavior, it is mind-boggling that Hillary won all six of the toss-ups. If this run of wins was an Act of God, she should buy a lottery ticket at once.

Bernie will go into New Hampshire on a roll, though we cannot see him denting the loyalty to the Democrat machine of the crucial Black vote in South Carolina and elsewhere. His young followers in Iowa were chanting “Liar, Liar” about Hillary, the first evidence that some on the Far Left are now concerned about character. This may have some significance, though it must be noted that older Democrat voters in Iowa were more than happy to venture into the cold night to vote for a woman up to her neck in scandal.

The huge Republican turn-out was good news and Cruz has every reason to feel that he and Conservatism were winners. Cruz has earned his victory, for the Far Left MSM and the Republican collaborators led by the WSJ’s Bret Stephens, have been unceasingly vitriolic about him. His war with Donald Trump has also tested his energy and resolve. He now heads to New Hampshire where, if the polls are anywhere near correct, he will not only have to compete with Trump, but will also have to fight for a second place with Kasich, Christie and Rubio.

For Trump and for Nationalism, it was a disappointing night. He may now argue that he started from the back against election professionals and because he funded himself, fought on a shoe-string budget, but we believe he intended to win and not just do well. He misjudged the reach of his appeal. He has to fight with an organized army on the ground if he is to beat rivals who pay attention to details. He also needs to sharpen his speeches.

Rubio’s advance was a setback for Conservatives, Nationalists and Christians. No matter what Rush Limbaugh says, Rubio is a collaborator and does not belong in the Trump/Cruz/ Carson camp of the Right. He is on the payroll of the American Opportunity Alliance and that vague, innocent, title is a warning of hidden intent.

AOA is a conspiracy of rich anti-Christian, anti-Nationalist, anti-Conservative activists led by double-billionaire, Jewish, Hedge Fund money-manipulator Paul Singer. The energies of AOA are committed to transforming the Republican Party, and their priorities are homosexual rights, immigration reforms and Israel.

One can understand why Singer wants to commit America to Israel, for he is a Jew first and an American second. But you cannot be committed to Israel and be an American Nationalist. Admittedly it might, in certain circumstances, be in America’s best interests to support Israel against a military attack from Islamic Imperialists. But America should be no more ‘committed’ to Israel than to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Ukraine and numerous other Nations.

Singer is said to be an activist for homosexual interests because his son ‘came out’ some years ago. We have no sympathy for this kind of argument. My son may choose to take up a life of crime and I will still love him and try to dissuade him to live differently without rejecting him. I hope I would not suddenly be campaigning for lenient sentencing and an end to the death penalty.

We now know – and some of us predicted it – that acceptance of same-sex marriage has relentlessly and speedily led to gender choice. One footstep onto the escalator of nonsense has rapidly taken us down to a world of nonsense. And sodomy is unnatural/perverted, sado-masochistic, unhygienic and disgusting when practiced by homosexuals and heterosexuals. No decent, thinking person will campaign for its normalization, no matter what lifestyle a relative may adopt.

Singer’s successful campaign for homosexuality has been anti-Christian in its outcome, resulting in the persecution of decent Christians and the near-loss of free speech for all. A Nation of cross-dressers and sodomites will not be a Nation of inner strength capable of defending its borders and culture. And it cannot be Conservative.

Singer’s AOA is also for immigration ‘reform’ – the code word for ditching laws that are on the books and opening the doors to the Third World. Rubio and all candidates who take Singer’s money will have come to an agreement with him -perhaps secretly – to advance perversion, commit to a foreign Nation and open the floodgates of immigration.

No Rush! Rubio is not a Conservative, he is not a Nationalist and he is not a genuine Christian. He is a political opportunist and his success in Iowa is a warning to all of us on the Right. He, his supporters, and his rich donors will be hoping that Cruz and Trump destroy each other in the approaching primaries. For the record, Donald Trump has confirmed that he will protect real marriage.

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  1. Trump’s second place finish is really significant of nothing in particular, save the peculiarities of the Iowa caucus. This event is not like the other primaries. It is a closed system in which only REGISTERED Republicans could participate. Most voters are independents. Many voters who would have gladly cast a vote for Trump were not able to do so. The participants were the kind of Republican stalwarts who usually take their marching orders from the Establishment. In this light, it is significant that the anti-Establishment candidates – Cruz, Trump, and Carson – together made up about 55% of the votes cast by these registered Republicans. That should give the usual suspects pause. When the regular primary states, in which anyone can vote, are heard from, Rubio, Bush, et al, will be moaning and groaning that their message is not being understood, etc, yak yak. Establishment politicians and their supporters in the media had better enjoy their martinis while they can. By the time Super Tuesday comes around, they’re going to be feeling a big sickly.

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