Baby Face. You Got The Cutest Little Baby Face

Watching Marco Rubio in the debates it is hard -if you are over a certain age – not to think of the Harry Akst 1926 hit song with lyrics written by Benny Davis. Al Jolsen and Eddie Cantor, both great Jewish entertainers who ‘blacked-up’, recorded it in the pre-war years. It was successfully resurrected in the post-war years by Little Richard, who didn’t need to ’black-up’, and Bobby Darin, proving that the song had an enduring appeal.

It is too light-hearted, hetero-sexual and baby-focused to be revived in this era, when popular music stars have to be whiny, protesting, metro-sexual and pro-abortion. Still, it is hard not to be turned off by Rubio’s baby face, and he looks like a precocious boy among men when squeezed between The Donald and Dead Bush. No matter how smart he is, his baby face and lack of experience will count against him when serious matters are being considered. This evening’s election result will prove me right or wrong but Rubio may have had his big moment in Iowa.

It now looks certain -if the opinion polls are reasonably accurate – that New Hampshire will produce an indecisive result for the Republicans. For certain the MSM will pick over the carcass, seeking to find reasons to judge Trump and Cruz the losers whilst reporting massive outrage over Trump’s “crude insult” about Cruz. For those of us innocent souls who always thought calling someone a ‘pussy’ was short for ‘pussy-cat’, (meaning weak and no bark), this is another example of the power of the Mainstream Media’s ability to make something of nothing in pursuit of an agenda.

Trump’s New Hampshire rally, in which this outrageous insult was bandied about – much to the delight of the crowd – provided another example of The Donald’s mastery of communication with ordinary people. He is completely at ease, eschews speech-making, and enjoys a conversation and a joke or two with his audience.

Marco Rubio, at a New Hampshire meeting, was asked by a homosexual questioner if he wanted to put homosexuals back in the closet. Since Rubio is funded by Paul Singer and a gang of rich pansy-boys, it should be obvious that Rubio is bought and paid for. This website would like to see all members of the LGBT packed back into the closet along with practitioners of any and every perversion. Note, not packed into jail cells, just the closet where they can practice in private and darkness their sad and unnatural compulsions.

Much attention is being paid to the trivia of the Republican contest in which, unfortunately, not one candidate defines the 2016 Presidential election as a decisive struggle between the near-completed Obama-led Revolution and a last-ditch Counter-Revolution to restore the Nation to sanity. In their different ways, Trump and Cruz come nearest, when they are not distracted by unnecessary fratricidal warfare.

Fortunately, the Democrat contest has all the makings of a disaster. A wild-eyed old Trotskyite with a speech defect caused by spittle-retention is taking the poster-child of bitterness and greed to the wire in these first primaries. Bill Clinton, who Hillary has resurrected from the undertaker’s Chapel of Rest, is proof that a life of debauchery has a price. Perhaps the MSM will begin showing pictures of him from 20 years ago. After all they passed off Trayvon Martin as a ten-year-old.

It is the great hope of this website that Bernie, son of Jewish immigrants from Poland, Eliasz Gitman and Jetti Gutman (where did the name Sanders come from?) will beat the frozen-faced calculating machine in New Hampshire and then steal the Black vote in South Carolina and beyond. Then, late in the day, the FBI will bring Hillary, kicking and screaming about vast Right-wing conspiracies, before a Federal Court, whereupon Jovial Joe Biden will stumble to the Party’s rescue. Can you imagine Bernie and Joe fighting it out at the Democrat Convention?

Snow Global Warming Watch


For the record, El Nino has not arrived in California and no rain is forecast for February. Perhaps the Pacific Ocean is not over-heated after all. At the same time it seems that the North Atlantic is as cold as ever.

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