Cultural Enrichment: 22 Dead, Many Maimed

Manchester is one of the many UK cities that has benefitted from ‘cultural enrichment’, which is Far-Left Academia: speak for the prolonged invasion and occupation of Third World immigrants and Muslims. It is an invasion and occupation that the British people never chose to host, but was imposed by an alliance-of-convenience of the Far-Left and Internationalist big business, and sold, promoted and policed by the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Those who, in the early days of the invasion, voiced concerns or opposition – usually working class people who bore the brunt of the resulting culture clashes – were quickly pilloried as racists, bigots, extremists and Nazists/Fascists, and politically marginalized. Under successive Labour and Conservative governments, laws were devised to bolster MSM persecution of objectors aided by police suppression and legislated punishments.

Now, occupation has reached levels where native resistance is impossible.

Nevertheless, Britain’s working people must take a share of the blame for the cultural enrichment of the occupiers that produced yesterday’s death toll and previous attacks. Too many continued to vote for the political parties that were acting against their interests. And too many sat glued before their TV sets hypnotized by soccer and soap operas and worshipping pop and rock music perverts and morons.

The young man who detonated the bomb among young concert-goers yesterday was 22-year-old Salman Abedi who the verminous MSM will forever describe as a young Briton, for the MSM perpetuates the big lie that citizenship or place of birth confers Nationality.

Abedi is the child of Libyans, and being a Muslim, has no genuine connection with the British people. However, he and his parents were certainly residents of Manchester, and neighbors of some of the victims. His mother is reported to have taught the Quran, and he became a ‘soldier of the Caliphate’.

Americans should take great interest in the late Salman Abedi, for thanks to Obama, Federal judges, CARE, the ACLU, George Soros, the MSM, the Democratic Party, some Christian Churches and renegade Republicans, the U.S. now has battalions of American-born ‘soldiers of the Caliphate’, preparing for action.

Too many Americans, like their British counterparts of the past, are busy watching TV, pro-sports, walking their dogs, worshipping degenerates of the pop and rock music world, manicuring their nails, and voting for politicians who fear the MSM and big business donors.

The British Authorities and MSM will claim that Abedi was a lone wolf and a young man made bitter by racism and lack of opportunity. It is our view that he was part of a cell of devout Muslims assisted by an imported bomb-maker.

Back when the UK and Ulster were terrorized by Irish Catholic National Socialists, the bombers moved among the sympathetic Irish Catholic populations of cities like Manchester, as fish in a pond. The Muslim population ponds that Obama has created all across America will, no matter what is claimed, provide safe havens and breeding grounds for both Islamic terrorism and ever-expanding populations of occupiers and Muslim colonists.

On this website, we have nothing against Islam and its fervent believers, but they do not belong here in the USA, a Christian nation. Their presence will inevitably provide breeding grounds for terrorism, for Islam is an Imperialist religion seeking conquest and absolutism. Only by removing all its Mosques, schools and meeting places from American soil will it be defeated. Cultural enrichment is a Trojan Horse constructed by Leftists and Internationalists and should not extend beyond a choice of restaurants and music. Wake Up America!

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