Trump Refuses To Condemn Resisters

On this website we have long maintained that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is the propaganda arm of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies. We have always said that the MSM, both News and Entertainment, deliberately and relentlessly peddles lies and moral corruption and that nothing it delivers can be believed. Exposure to it is extremely dangerous because the more professional and skilled its presentation and the more it is enjoyed, the deeper is its penetration into the human mind and the more effectively it negates truth and morals.

The Media propaganda of Communist totalitarian regimes was never as effective as this, because the people knew it was the tool of the ruling regime. In the Western World many people remain unaware that they live under a Ruling Class and most assume that the MSM is independent of the Ruling Class. In truth, the MSM and the Ruling Media Class are one and the same. The MSM is even more than a propaganda arm, it is, in this age of communication, the main weapon of the Ruling Class.

If Donald Trump is not elected President of the USA in November, the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies will consolidate their hold on the Government machinery and the Courts. This will result in the extinguishment of all freedoms and the disarmament of the people. Only then will the MSM become secondary as the means of control. You have been warned!

Now that Trump is leading a belated but growing resistance to the Ruling Class and its agenda, the MSM is being forced to abandon the last shreds of objectivity. Consequently many people on the Right are realizing that the MSM is the weapon of hidden powers and an enemy of truth. The MSM agenda at the present time is one of linking Trump and his supporters to intolerance and violence. This is achieved by skillfully ignoring in all reports, the manifest intolerance of the ‘protesters’. An honest MSM would note that there is no reason for ‘protest’ of any kind, since the electoral process that is taking place is the means of allowing people to express opposition. Through the political parties, their meetings, and ultimately by voting, people can express their opposition to others and their ideas.

Invading the meetings of others, disrupting them, physically preventing people from attending meetings and attacking people when they depart, is not remotely justified. It is actually abandoning the political process and substituting direct action in order to prevent choice. The Soros and BLM ‘protesters’ are not protesting but boldly expressing intolerance.

In the way that the Far Left – which at its core is always totalitarian in intent – uses propaganda, the bigger the lie and the more robustly it is promulgated, the more it impresses the ignorant. The formula is to accuse opponents of the actual actions of the accusers. In this case the Far Left, speaking through the voices of the complicit MSM, is accusing Trump and his supporters of intolerance, whilst brazenly and wholly intolerantly, acting to silence them. It, through the MSM, is accusing Trump and his supporters of violence, whilst invading his meetings, blocking access to them, systematically disrupting them and attacking departing citizens. All of this violence is their publicly advertised intention and carefully organized.

The way that the MSM marches in lockstep with this agenda, reveals that it serves not powers, but one power. Limbaugh and other conservative commentators are wrongly attributing the frantic opposition to Trump, claiming it is the work of the Republican establishment. According to the Limbaugh theory, there are many Republican officials, advisors, consultants and lobbyists who will lose plum jobs if Trump is elected.

No doubt this is true, but as an explanation it falls far short of explaining the big picture. To begin with, why would the MSM target Trump at this stage in the election process? It has no interest in protecting the jobs of Republican officials and consultants. If opposition to Trump was fueled solely by such people, the MSM would sit back and enjoy Trump causing heartburn to the Republican establishment.

The Republican establishment is getting full MSM support in attacking Trump and this can only mean that the MSM is advancing its own agenda in doing so. It is, of course, likely to enjoy exacerbating Republican divisions, but the vicious war on Trump and his supporters from every quarter indicates a profound struggle that goes far deeper than protecting the jobs of Party officials, advisers and consultants. Does anyone think the MSM cares that Karl Rove will become irrelevant if Trump wins?

The burgeoning campaign of open violence and intimidation being used against Trump, with official blessing, funded by big bucks and promoted by MSM propaganda, is explained only as a war between Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Class against Class and Internationalism against Nationalism. A win in November for Trump Nationalism will result in much, much more than the loss of jobs for a clique of Republican establishment figures.

It will be a profound setback for America’s Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, who are on the cusp of completing a Revolution that will result in the creation of a new society and the destruction of the old one. It will be a setback for the Internationalists who seek one-world government. It may result in retribution for all those inside America who have plotted the Nations State’s demise. It may stop and reverse the homosexual/pervert agenda, dismantle the education framework that is indoctrinating young Americans, and halt the ‘browning’ of America. It may result in criminal investigations of many in the Democrat Party, the government machinery, Big Business and some Republicans in Congress. Trump is unpredictable but his Nationalist followers will expect real action, for they are being mobilized by this election contest.

The mob elements have had legitimacy conferred upon them and have made clear their intentions to ratchet up their violence until Trump is taken out. We believe his life is in increasing danger with every delegate advance. Every one of his public appearances will invite violence. When his supporters resist- and they have no choice but resistance or capitulation – they will be quickly punished and only their violence will be reported by the MSM.

Trump’s resoluteness so far is amazing and encouraging. His refusal to condemn those of his supporters who are fighting back is heartily applauded by this website. Here, at last, is a man prepared to stand up to the MSM and the mob.

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