Pitchers, Transvestites And The Media Class

The recent sacking of sports analyst and reporter Curt Schilling for his website criticism of cross-dressers being granted choice of bathrooms, will have shocked some sports fans. The ESPN analyst was a former star baseball pitcher and said to be one of the best of his era. He may have thought that his sporting achievements would protect him from persecution. He was quite wrong and if he had visited this website over the years he would have been fore-warned.

Since this assault on free speech and common sense has come amidst the torrent of pro-Sports bodies and Big Business companies threatening North Carolina over the same issue, the larger picture is clear. The official normalization of this sad perversion is the latest battle front in the Revolutionary war being waged in America. The Revolutionaries are winning it pants down (pun intended).

We invite any website visitor to dig way back into our archive and discover that we predicted all this. The basis for our prediction was our recognition that the newly-arisen Media Class was about to become America’s Ruling Class, bringing with it a Revolutionary moral agenda that it would impose on the Nation’s people. Since the Media Class was dominated by perverts and libertines, and since every Ruling Class in history has always sought to remake a society in its own image, it was inevitable that the existing Christian-based morality would have to go.

Actually, the Media Class had, through its Mainstream Media, been successfully sowing immorality and moral and cultural decadence, for decades before it finally captured Government in 2008. Since it placed Obama in the White House, it has been using the Government machinery, the purged Federal and Supreme Courts and all Big Businesses that seek Government favors, to attack traditional Christian morality and advance a new morality of complete unatural sexual license.

Back when we identified and warned about the new Media Class and its Revolutionary agenda, we also included professional sports as a component of the Media Class. Our reasoning was simple. The Media Class saw that certain professional sports were entertainment suited to television and advertising.

Those sports could not resist the financial rewards promised by television exposure. They dwarfed the income generated by gate receipts, immediately creating riches and power for promoters and governing bodies, and hugely inflating the incomes of players. Star players were able to become celebrities, enjoy huge advertising incomes and enter the multi-millionaire bracket overnight. Who could resist even though in the process sporting values were exchanged for profit.

Sports players, made heady by sudden wealth and celebrity fame, did not realize that they had joined the Media Class. Many, with exceptional sporting skills and experiencing mass adulation, assumed that they had gained complete independence. Other entertainers before them had also suffered from the same illusion, only to discover, once the Media Class was all-powerful, that the Class agenda tolerated no mavericks or dissenters. This is especially true as the Media Class has a compact and shared agenda with the Revolutionary Far Left, which marches to Totalitarianism.

We predicted that big name sportsmen who broke the speech code of the Revolution would quickly discover that their sporting prowess would count for nothing. A big name in British soccer, (the UK is also Ruled by its Media Class and its Far Left allies) manager or player, a Christian football player in the US, a tennis star, a star athlete, a top pro golfer or a former star baseball pitcher who transgresses in even the smallest way the political correctness that underpins the Ruling Class agenda, is toast. The punishment is immediate and complete, and offending individuals are uniformly denounced in the MSM and removed from the public’s consciousness overnight. They disappear as completely as Leon Trotsky disappeared from the records of the USSR once he was deemed a Class enemy.

Those who think that comparing a famous pro-sportsman who falls from grace for a politically incorrect remark on Facebook, to Trotsky, is ‘over the top’, are failing to see the reality and the march to Totalitarianism that America is taking. Political incorrectness that results in unforgiving punishment, only applies to truth telling. Our Ruling Class and its Far Left allies can not afford the truth to be told, for its campaign of stealth requires that truth be hidden and denied.

At this time in America the Ruling Class must suppress the truth on race, sexual matters, immigration, guns and an increasing list of topics. Since we are in a Revolutionary situation, the line in the sand is constantly being redrawn. Only last year it was same-sex marriage that became officially above all criticism, but now the line has been moved to cross-dressing. The number of those seeking to parade publicly as cross-dressers in America is tiny and few are influential, but the Ruling Class agenda demands that sexual extremes must be imposed on all Americans as normal so that ‘reactionary’ opposition can be identified and extinguished. There will be new and more outrageous ‘normalizations’ as soon as this one is completed. Perhaps animals, children or sado-masochism will be chosen as the next behavior to be deemed natural and its practitioners entitled to ‘inclusiveness’.

The punishment meted out to Curt Schilling, (once a revered star for the Boston Red Sox) for pointing out that transvestites should not be able to choose public bathrooms (a truth based on common sense) is one more validation of this website’s unique identification of America’s new Revolutionary Ruling Media Class and its agenda.

Here is some good news! In Austria, the Nationalist Freedom Party (the only sane political Party in Austria) appears to be winning the first round of the election for the Presidency. It has about 35% of the popular vote in a caucus-free process. The Party is the only one that opposes the insane immigration policies promoted by Germany’s Merkel and the EU’s Internationalist leadership. In Austria, as in the USA and most other European Nations, the Far Left MSM controls the political agenda but the invasion of Muslims has alerted the people to its lies and propaganda.

Norbert Hofer, the Freedom Party’s candidate has been electioneering carrying a gun and pointing out the citizens need to be armed against the Muslim invasion. In the next round, the establishment parties will not be divided, and the MSM will do all it can to defeat Nationalism with lies and fear mongering, but Hofer’s first round win is encouraging as Donald Trump marches forward at the head of America’s new Nationalist movement.

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