White Self Hatred

Perhaps all successful peoples are doomed to rot from within. Nowhere is this more evident than the British and their successors in the USA, Canada and Australia. Only the British settlers in New Zealand appear willing to protect their identity, customs and independence by resisting mass racial invasion and rejecting White guilt.

What honest objective observer, with knowledge of history, cannot see that the USA is rotting from within and that the UK’s native people have embraced racial and cultural obliteration? It is easy to lay the blame on outside forces. One website, which I admire for its courage and intellectual rigor, blames Jewish activists and Jewish internationalist billionaires for the deliberate and creeping destruction of all White Europeans’ racial identity, power and culture. There is a case to be made and the website writers make it again and again.

My problem with their diagnosis is that it fails to apportion enough responsibility where it really belongs – to us. This website rejects conspiracy theories in the great scheme of things and whilst there are  Jewish intellectuals and billionaires working to bring down White supremacy in the Western World, they could not have succeeded if European Whites had protected the qualities and the culture that propelled their rise to world supremacy.

Europeans survived the divisions which emerged in Christianity and indeed some –the Protestants – emerged stronger, but they are not surviving the abandonment of Christianity and its underpinning culture. As their Faith has declined, self-doubt has grown and with it has grown self–indulgence. The Christian Faith’s values of humility (not at all the same thing as guilt), self-denial, personal responsibility and a duty to produce the next generation, have given way in the presence of plenty, to materialism, nihilism and gullibility.

Here in the USA the evidence of White decline is all around us, so pervasive as to pass un-noticed, even by those who claim to care. On this website we have long identified some of the most obvious. Unfortunately, those who are sinking comfortably into decline amidst material prosperity would sooner shoot the messenger.

Here are a few examples among many.

America’s White settlers who pushed Westward were lean from hard physical work and abstinence. They were in constant touch with Nature and were sustained in hard times by Faith. There was little room for vanity or dependence on others and they were self-sufficient in the basics of life. Men and women pulled together and suffered together and equally, contrary to what today’s pampered College Feminists would have us believe. Men as heads of the households were expected to make the greatest sacrifices, and did, for in this they were obeying the Bible. They married and had many children!

The descendants of these people can be seen, not in the stews of big cities but in the small towns, ranches and farms of the Midwest, the deserts and mountains and they are the people Obama dismissed as clingers to guns and the Bible. In so far as they have resisted ‘progressive’ ideas and materialism, they are what remain of the backbone of the American people.

Contrast them with so many White people today. Over weight, over-fed  and disdainful of physical work, the men have Mexicans tend their gardens and blow leaves whilst they watch sport on TV, BBQ and drink six-packs. The women are even more over weight than the men. When not occupying chairs in sedentary jobs, they sit queen-like in salons, whilst Vietnamese and Mexican girls pamper them. Few do their own housework, considering it to be beneath them. Few walk anywhere.

Sure there are those men and women who go to the gym, cycle, run and diet but this is not the same as doing one’s own work and eschewing the need for a domestic class. And yes, in modern America, jobs have changed and brain power is important, but too many Americans have lost touch with Nature and the basics.

Worst of all has been the decline in marriage and the catastrophic drop in family size. Much of this can be blamed on Feminism, but self-indulgence and the materialist rejection of real parenthood as the source of wisdom, selflessness and maturity, are condemning White Americans to the same oblivion of their race as in Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe. The dog, and its new pre-eminence at the center of the White American ‘family’, is the most obvious symbol of decline.

Some of the peoples who have invaded White America from the Orient have brought with them intellectual abilities, a willingness to integrate, self-discipline, self-sufficiency and gifts. Mexicans have brought an ability to work hard, resourcefulness, cheerfulness and family values, despite what Ann Coulter says. Many have not brought crime and a sense of dependency.

On this website we absolutely oppose mass immigration and at this time, all immigration. America is full and the sheer numbers are indigestible. A confident, Christian, hard-working White America could have absorbed some of the peoples. But an America already racially divided, with materialism replacing Christianity and new generations of dysfunctional, self-hating, guilt-ridden young Whites emerging from an education process dominated by White socialists, what hope is there?

It is too late to save White America but it is not quite too late to save a re-born America. It can be revived by a return to its Constitution and a Christian culture. There are many groups of immigrants, already settled, who could enrich and revive American society if offered a place and a vision. This is absolutely not to endorse the Bush program which requires that traditional America make the concessions and all the current problems be exacerbated. But it requires a Republican candidate who will see good qualities in minorities where good really exists and offer such minorities America’s golden past as their future.

A letter in Thursday’s WSJ incensed me and is related to this article concerning the rot that is in us. Tom Moulson of Corona del Mar, Cal. attacked a Daniel Henninger article which had criticized the PC content of the APUS History curriculum. Moulson claimed to have attended school in England in the 1930’s. This would make him around 85 years old now so I am not convinced he is at all truthful.

His claim is that before today’s PC history, young Brits, like young Americans, were fed a diet of white superiority to justify their subjugation of Africans and American Indians, using several different rationales. Moulson did not like his history teachers showing all the pink places on the world map and suggesting that “White Anglo-Saxons were the apex of humanity, Jews next, then colored, then Black.”

I attended English schools in the 1940’s and loved seeing those pink places on the world map, hearing about British victories at Waterloo, Egypt and elsewhere and learning that my people took civilization to many parts of the world. It is such stuff that breeds patriotism and ensures peoples are willing to fight for their Nation, its independence and their culture.

We kids were aware that British motives included trade and exploitation and that some of the places occupied had once had their own great civilizations. We were taught about the world as it was in the 1940’s and that some civilizations were superior to others. We learned that Greece, Rome, India, China, Persia, Egypt, Mexico and the Andes were relatively advanced when our people were brutish. But to pretend that all peoples in the world have had equivalent civilizations is to deny reality. To be ashamed of one’s own Nation’s history is sick.

Where has the African Shakespeare been hiding all this time? Perhaps along with the Apache Plato! Are we to deny to young school age Americans proper knowledge of the richness of European learning and amplify the sins in order that no child should feel ‘inferior’? Knowing that the Greeks had once been more advanced than we Britons did not harm me and my peers.

Even today I have no doubt that the Chinese are teaching their kids the superiority of China’s past and are not dwelling on the subjugation of the Tibetans. I doubt Japanese kids are learning much about the 1930’s rape of China or the Burma railway. I doubt Arab kids are spending time on the enslavement of Africans or Indian kids spending much time on the Hindu massacres of Muslims and the historical treatment of the Untouchables. Seemingly, for the aged Mr. Moulson it is only White Europeans and White Americans who should be burdened with a guilty past and ashamed of it. As we wrote at the beginning of this article the rot is in too many of our own people.

Way back on this website we claimed that Angela Merkel had blinked when faced with the Greeks. Since then the Greeks have had more handouts and once again a crunch time is said to be coming.

The Greeks, like America’s welfare scroungers, have had other people’s money to spend and now it has run out. What is gone, is gone! No-one in Greece is grateful, only angry that those who have, are threatening to not share with the have-nots. This is Socialist thinking. The Greeks are gambling that the EU, ECB and the IMF will not be prepared to risk the upheaval of a Greek exit from the EU and a politically unstable Greece on Russia’s border. Merkel and her comrades will likely find a formula of words and a deal that stretches to the next century, in order to keep the welfare payments going.

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  1. I always find it amazing that the Germans would hand over their nation’s leadership to a woman brought up in the bosom of communism and extreme white guilt. They seem completely obedient to the agenda of a radical European cabal.

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