Trump, Mussolini, Duke – Only Hitler Left

It is possible that tonight’s primary results will herald the end of the Republican Party elite’s hold over its base. The entry of Donald Trump into the Republican primary campaign proclaiming an unsophisticated but effective ‘America First’ platform, has precipitated an earthquake in American politics.

Earthquakes, as we here in California know, are the dramatic surface expression of great subterranean movements that, unseen and ignored, have been building pressure that must be released.

On this website we have long argued that due to the technological advances that placed a television set in every home, created a demand for 27/7 programming, which in turn brought about the partnership of television and Hollywood, and the marriage of news and entertainment, and led to the speedy evolution of America’s first Ruling Class, compelled to remake society in its own image -because of all this, ordinary Americans are being subjected to Revolutionary change.

The Ruling Media Class has been advancing its power and agenda by stealth, using its awesome weapon, the Mainstream Media, to capture a major political party (the Democrat Party), forge a rewarding and natural alliance with the Far Left in Academia, and in 2008, placed its servant in the White House.

Those who have been visiting this website over a period of time will know how the Media Class has grown by absorbing the worlds of Fashion, Advertising, Professional Sport and Pop Culture. They will also understand why traditional morality, real marriage, and the natural family are being systematically destroyed, Christianity and free speech are being criminalized, the right to bear arms and self-defend is under attack, and Constitutional government is being replaced by arbitrary law.

Even those who are visiting this website for the first time will know from personal experience, that the profound societal changes listed in the preceding paragraph, plus many more of a similar nature, are taking place. We maintain that these changes are the consequences and characteristics of a stealthy Revolution, and explain why the old two-party politics based on a common set of beliefs and attachments no longer apply.

Not surprisingly, given its power and wealth, the new Ruling Class has in one way or another compromised, corrupted or intimidated the leadership of movements that stand in its way. In plain language we mean that the bulk of the Republican Party leadership, most judges, and many other organizational leaders, have in varying degrees surrendered to the Ruling Class agenda. For this they are rewarded. Many resisters have been driven from public life, publicly discredited or lampooned. The power of the MSM – now augmented since 2008 by the giant lawless Government machine – is truly formidable.

The Media Class agenda has been predominantly (im)moral and cultural – homosexual, libertine, perverted, vulgar, corrupt, juvenile, narcisist and shallow. The agenda of its Far Left allies has been mostly economic and political – growing government, the subjection of Big Business to government, Balkanization, leveling down, punishment of the diligent and ambitious, transforming the armed individual into a cipher of the unarmed masses, redistribution, political re-education, speech and thought control, and shared poverty and rationing for the masses.

The Media Class, its Far Left allies and their Big Business cash-cows, are internationalist, driven by various motives but mostly the accumulation of wealth and power. All desire the abandonment of borders, language and culture and the submersion of the Nation State in a super-national world body.

The Revolution which has been proceeding in a subterranean fashion, has created pressure that must be released. This Primary Election process, preparing for the critical November election, has released the earthquake force. Donald Trump has channeled the pressure into Nationalism versus Internationalism, but all the other pressures created by the stealthy Revolution are also finding an outlet. The vital and angry movement he has unleashed includes those who demand a complete Counter-revolution. It is a movement that simultaneously contains Nationalism, Morality, Traditional values, Individualism, Christianity and a change back to old American pre-1960’s values.

When Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary forces collide, as is now happening in the Republican Party, and may happen in November between the ultimate contestants for the White House and Congress, naked conflict is only just below the surface. Compromise is impossible. This explains the rift within the Republican Party and a struggle with violent undertones as the Internationalists and the collaborators desperately seek to hold on to control. They fear not only Trump, but the American grass-roots movement marching behind, perhaps propelling him forward. An assassination attempt on Donald Trump becomes ever more likely.

We recommend that all our website visitors read today’s WSJ article by Bret Stephens entitled “Staring at the Conservative Gutter”. Stephens, an Internationalist (Israel First) scribbler for the Republican Party collaborators and their Big Business paymasters on Wall Street, expresses their, and his, fear of the grass roots, which he deems to be the “gutter” and “the open sewer”. Lurking in their Nationalism he claims to see down the road “Far Right” anti-Semitism, Mussolini’s Fascism and for good measure he pulls in David Duke and the KKK. Only Hitler and the SS remain to be linked to Trump and those thousands who today will vote for him. What terrifies those like Stephens, who are working for the transformation and replacement of the Nation State, is that there may be no secure place for them in a revitalized America. This is why some say they will leave if Trump wins the White House.

We must remind ourselves amidst this hysteria that all Trump and his American followers want are secure borders, an end to mass immigration, a reversal of mass immigration, the expulsion of foreign criminals, a return of jobs to American workers, better deals with foreign governments, a careful approach to Middle Eastern conflicts based on America’s interests, the end of a politicized military and Justice Department, much smaller government, a return to free speech, an end to tolerated riots and looting, and the right to bear arms in self-defense from predatory criminals. In short they want a government that puts law-abiding and hard-working Americans first. For Stephens these are their “most shameless ideological instincts”.

So the barely known David Duke, Vladimir Putin and Jean Marie Le Pen have been sought out by the MSM and presented as Trump’s intimate comrades. The same MSM never links Obama, Sanders, and Clinton to Far Left terrorists, Al Sharpton, and Islamic Imperialists. Black Panthers are never asked if they support any Democrats. Stephens is quicker to smear Trump and his followers than are Democrat politicians.

Stephens and his ilk, by calling the Republican grass roots (and the many working people who will desert the Democrat Party for Trump) “Nativist bigots”, may unwittingly find themselves responsible for severing the Republican base from the bulk of the Congressional Party. So be it! Perhaps the earthquake will create a new political landscape and cause Stephens to emigrate.

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