Trump Loses And Internationalists Win

The opinion polls that showed Cruz with a big lead proved to be right. Trump’s late march into Wisconsin and a series of well-attended rallies failed to get his campaign any traction. Indeed it looks as though late-deciders went for Cruz.

Those of us who hoped he would pull off a surprise win always knew the odds were long. His impulsive forays into personality attacks on Cruz and his wife, understandable though they were when placed in context, together with his abortion comment, provided valuable MSM ammunition for those who were desperate for Cruz to win.

Hopefully The Donald will have some hard-headed advisers and hopefully New York and Pennsylvania will provide more favorable battle-grounds. Trump should avoid personal politics and stick to his prescription for making America great again. The danger is that he has lost momentum during this period of childish digressions.

Trump by now must be aware that he is up against an unprincipled but temporarily united coalition that includes the Republican elite, the Ruling Class, the International Big Business interests and the deadly Mainstream Media. This is a ruthless stop-at-nothing alliance. Its big success is that it has recruited the Conservative and Christian voters who are being misled by the ambitions of Ted Cruz. It has been able to play on and amplify Trump’s tasteless, coarse and trivial remarks to distract voters from the all-important Nationalist cause of reclaiming America’s identity, sovereignty and industrial strength.

The Conservative and Christian voters of Wisconsin may be feeling pleased today that they dealt a blow to a candidate who is rough around the edges. They will bask in the praise of Mark Levin and the Wall Street Journal who will tell them that they demonstrated how politically sophisticated and truly Conservative they are. In fact, they and the pastors who endorsed Cruz have been duped, for Cruz cannot win and the forces now concentrating on ‘getting Trumpy’ will surely play ‘getting the Jesus freak’ when the time comes.

Categorizing a large number of voters is futile, for there are always several elements with separate agendas. Some who voted for Cruz would have done so no matter what, for they are committed to the Constitution above all else. Others will have seen Cruz as the ‘born-again Christian’ that America needs. But a crucial number will have been swung by Governor Walker, and his network of activists will have been a powerful force in getting voters to the ballot boxes.

Walker has earned the respect of many in Wisconsin with his brave resistance and victories over the Public Service Unions and their thugs. But we suspect that his endorsement of Cruz is merely tactical on behalf of powerful forces in the Republican elite who intend to jettison Cruz once Trump enters the Convention without the 1,237 delegates.

The contest is still Trump’s to lose, but those of us who believe that only a Nationalist President can halt and turn back the Internationalists before it is too late, are going to be losing a lot of sleep from hereon.


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