Trump, Cruz And Rupert Murdoch

No American newspaper has attacked Donald Trump and his primary campaign as relentlessly as the Wall Street Journal. It seems that Australian Rupert Murdoch, who owns the prestigious and allegedly Conservative-leaning, New York-based newspaper, has reinforced the editorial board’s hostility to Nationalism. At the same time, the rest of the paper’s staff continues to be committed to the Far Left Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton.

Murdock also owns Fox News, the only Conservative-leaning television channel, which has adopted an increasingly anti-Trump policy. Unlike the WSJ, whose readership is largely confined to people who have an investment or an interest in international stocks, Fox News TV is financially dependent on attracting a broad audience of the Right.

Few would argue that Donald Trump has ignited an unparalleled voter interest in the primaries, especially among people of the Right. Initially Trump’s participation in the debates and frequent appearances in the Fox studios, boosted ratings for Fox. However, the underlying Fox hostility to Trump quickly revealed itself and Trump, unlike all other politicians, refused to play the part of grateful supplicant and insisted on being a granter of gifts. Not surprisingly, Trump and Fox soon embarked on a bitter divorce. Trump revealed a determination to stand up unrepentantly to the MSM, including the Murdoch empire.

Over the years, Murdoch has outgrown his Australian base and acquired an international Media business empire. Not surprisingly, any Conservatism and Nationalism he once supported, has faded away. Today he is as much an Internationalist as the America-hating George Soros. As a member of the Media Class he has also signed on to the progressive moral agenda that can best be encapsulated as ‘worldwide homosexual advancement.’

Ever since the end of World War Two, Nationalism has been under attack, not only from the Far Left, Conservative exponents of extreme free market ideology, and those with a great personal investment in international trade, but from those who wrongly adjudged Nationalism and Nation States to be responsible for World War Two and even World War One.

In passing it is necessary to point out that Lenin’s Communism was always Imperialist, and Hitler’s National Socialism, underpinned by Darwinism, soon abandoned the German Nation State for a policy of Racial Imperialism. Japan in the 1930’s also sought to expand beyond the Nation State, first invading China and Korea and then seeking an empire in Asia. All those European Nation States -Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy under Mussolini, Holland and Belgium- who pursued Imperialism, in doing so diminished the identity of their peoples and soon paid a high price. The price has continued to rise and now threatens them with cultural and racial obliteration.

America, without a Ruling Class until recent times, has avoided Imperialism. Military resistance to Soviet and Chinese Communist Imperialism in Korea, Malaya, The Philippines and Vietnam, falsely denounced as ‘imperialism’ by Western Leftists who sought the world-wide triumph of Communism, was not Imperialism but self defense.

It was inevitable that the growth of dynamic American Big Business seeking world markets and never-ending expansion, would create a political lobby seeking an end to the American Nation State and an embrace of Internationalism. The growth of Socialism in an increasingly urbanized and multi-racial America has at the same time fueled internal hostility to the Nation State. The emergence of America’s first Ruling Class, culminating in the Presidency of Barrack Obama, has shifted America’s political agenda to the pursuit of Internationalism and the gradual dismemberment of the American Nation State.

The democratic Nation State preserves and conserves its people, its riches, its culture, its history and religion. It is naturally socially Conservative. It depends on strong traditional families, the work ethic, reproduction and patriotism. As we have written several times before on this website it views its people as one large family and its historical territory as the family home. In the Western World, traditional Christianity is a core part of the Nation State.

Despite all the powerful forces seeking an end to the Nation State – Big Business, Socialism, sexual perversion and the Utopian belief in One World without strife, support for Nationalism and the Nation State in Europe is re-emerging. The price that ordinary people pay for Internationalism, Socialist or Capitalist, is becoming clear.

Donald Trump, perhaps only half-consciously and in an American context, is part of the same movement that is arising in Europe as ordinary people begin opposing the EU, open borders and the invasion of Islamic Imperialists. Trump has sparked the rebirth of American Nationalism and in so doing has brought on his head all the forces of Internationalism.

In today’s WSJ, now the voice of Big Business Internationalism and its beneficiaries, the editors are revealing a plan to frustrate the Nationalist (and true Conservative) voice in the Republican Party. They also reveal their contempt for the people’s voice. Their immediate goal is to prevent Trump from getting the 1237 delegates that would make him the clear winner within Party rules. They make it clear that Ted Cruz will not benefit from his collusion and that powerful forces will support Kasich wherever he has a better chance than Cruz to deny a Trump victory.

Their goal is a brokered Convention where both the Nationalist followers of Trump and the misled Conservative followers of Cruz will be denied a victory. Never mind that together they will represent an overwhelming number of primary voters. The dishonest rationale for selecting a candidate who has won nothing in the electoral contest, is that it will be someone who can beat Hillary Clinton in November.

The proponents of this plan at the WSJ know full well that outwitting the Trump and Cruz voters is the surest road to a Republican defeat in November, for millions of voters of the Right will either stay home or support a Third Party candidate.

The plain truth is that Nationalism and Christian Conservatism are as unacceptable to Internationalists as they are to the Far Left and the Media Ruling Class. The only sure way to defeat these Internationalist forces at the ballot box is to give Donald Trump victory in Wisconsin today and in subsequent contests so that he surpasses the 1237 number that will defeat the plotters.

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