Trump And Cruz. Time For Truce

Donald Trump has emerged as the voice of American Nationalism at a time when it is most needed. On this website we have no illusions about The Donald as a Nationalist. His Nationalism has come to him late in his life and he has lived and thrived among those who have made their wealth selling the American people for a pot of gold. His recently-found Nationalism is instinctive and non-ideological.

As yet he does not properly understand that America’s catastrophic decline (and the Western World’s) is due to the rise to power of its first ever Ruling Class, the morally degenerate Media Class. Nor does he understand that this Ruling Class, relatively small in number, has forged an alliance with the Far Left. Their alliance came about and has prospered because for different reasons they have over-lapping truly revolutionary agendas and share the same enemies.

Both wish to destroy our society of traditions and replace it with an ideological blue-print in which the traditional family will be replaced, and children -when they are necessary- will be the property of an all-powerful State. The Media Class, as befits its composition, and driven like all Ruling Classes in history, to remake society in its own image, seeks unrestrained and immediate sexual freedom. Only an all-powerful government, the suppression of free speech, and the destruction of the Bible-based Christian religion, can impose such an abnormal, insatiable and revolutionary experiment on sane people.

The Far Left, at present the junior partner in the alliance, seeks to re-order society by an economic leveling-down, redistribution of wealth, the erasure of racial differences, the end of the Nation State, the creation of an all-powerful government ruled by an elite that will have control over all aspects of the life of the individual for the benefit of the abstract whole, and an end to Nationalism.

Both parties of the Ruling alliance understand that their joint agenda is unappealing, unnatural and if fully revealed, unpopular. They therefore proceed by stealth and increments – removal of gun rights, limitations on speech, driving Christianity from the public place, debasing real marriage and the family, and overwhelming the citizen stake-holders with alien masses. The Mainstream Media (MSM), whose awesome power has propelled the Media Class to victory, serves both allies with lies, concealment of real news, and insidious propaganda and moral corruption planted in all entertainment.

The Media Class and its Far Left allies realize that Trump is embracing Nationalism and therefore an enemy of the Revolution. He is, ipso facto a counter-revolutionary, even though he is not yet aware of it. He is experiencing first-hand the true nature of the MSM as it seeks to misrepresent his message, hide his popularity and smear his followers. Trump is learning fast and effectively fighting back. Because of his wealth and his Media experience, and unlike all other (counter-revolutionary) politicians, has been able to score some wins, stand his ground and advance in what is really a civil (cold) war.

Trump is not yet much of a conservative, but if he continues to lead a Nationalist movement he will be inevitably driven to conservative values, for they underpin a strong, enduring Nation and people.

Ted Cruz is a true conservative who has emerged as a fighter with guts. He stands for the real family, traditional time-tested sexual norms, Christian values, private property, gun rights, the Nation State, protected borders and the Constitution. All these are the essential underpinning of a healthy America and he is therefore, ipso facto, a Nationalist. Like Donald Trump, he has had to survive in an America now dominated by moral decadence, political corruption, and the corrupt power of Big Business that is allied to Far Left Government and the Ruling Media Class. Only a Saint can survive and achieve prominence in such a society without blemish. We counter-revolutionaries will not find a Saint to carry our standard. We must accept Trump and Cruz, warts and all!

We can be encouraged that Donald Trump, the lately-arrived and incomplete Nationalist with an opportunist business career behind him, and Ted Cruz, a Conservative who may have been financially and otherwise compromised gaining a political foothold, are the two leading candidates for the Republican nomination. Clear-thinking Americans should take either as President for 2017.

On this website we believe that Trump, because of his extrovert and appealing personality, his financial wealth and independence, his TV skills, his business experience, his perceived distance from Washington and the old politics, his willingness to fight dirty and his ruthlessness, has the best chance of both winning in November and cleaning out the Revolutionaries in government and other institutions after occupying the White House. If Trump falls by the wayside, is incapacitated or assassinated, Cruz is our man.

The Media Class, its Far Left allies and the collaborationists in the Republican elite and Big Business all recognize that Trump and Cruz must be defeated. It is in their interests -and not ours – that they should be set against each other. When Neil Cavuto, in Charleston, raised the birther issue with Cruz, it was not to clarify it or help Trump, but to set one against the other. Trump and Cruz should not play the Media’s game but reach an agreement to never attack each others character. Let Trump fight dirty with every other candidate and the Democrats but defeat Cruz by virtue of his personal appeal and charisma. We believe that Trump will be ultimately propelled to embrace Conservative social values by logic, history, the practical requirements of a healthy Nation State, and the irresistible demands of his followers.

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