Trump Accused Of Dictatorial Intent

Trump’s indisputable success in Iowa and clear-cut victory in New Hampshire is driving the Collaborators and pseudo Conservatives in the Republican Party and center-Right media into a desperate frenzy. Good! Let us enjoy their literary tantrums and hopefully many more to come.

Daniel Henninger, Brett Stephens and the Wall Street Journal Opinion crowd are writing overtime to salvage something from the wreckage of their months of confident predictions of Trump’s peak and fall. Now, after flirting promiscuously with Walker, Perry, Jindal, Graham, Christie, Fiorina, Pataki, and the Baby-faced Rubio, they are returning desperately to their first love, the low-energy Bush. It seems that they will embrace anyone but Trump and Cruz, though even Cruz might be courted if all else fails.

Anything that has a whiff of Nationalism terrifies these scribblers. Our website visitors can work it out for themselves why Nationalism is so feared by them. A clue might be why Stalin was, and still is, preferred to Hitler, and Communism to National Socialism. These people fear more than anything else the resurrection of Christian Nation States. It is just that they conceal their motives and hide behind a Conservatism stripped of its social basis and conservationism.

No pseudo Conservative scribbler is more incensed by Trump and his Nationalist supporters than Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew who once demanded that Israel deport all Palestinians from their homeland. There are many Jews in the USA whose first and only commitment is to the America of their birth, Michael Savage being an outstanding example and for the record, a great defender of traditional Christianity. But Shapiro, like Stephens, seeks constantly to strip out of Conservatism, all Nationalism and commitment to borders, language and culture. The result is a Conservatism that is little more than a blank check for International, voracious, unaccountable Big Business.

In his latest tantrum, Shapiro has written that “Sanders And Trump Are The Same Totalitarian Candidate”. In a previous article we dismissed the attempts to pair Sanders and Trump together for they are plainly poles apart on everything – Sanders being a lifelong Internationalist of the Communist persuasion. Shapiro knows this but is desperate to smear Trump and his supporters as Nazis without using the ‘N’ word.

However, it is the opinion of this website that Trump, when elected, should exercise a period of rule by executive orders, perhaps even a period of Martial Law if the Far Left attempts to respond to its defeat by street violence or a shutdown of the Government bureaucracy.

America is in the grip of an (undeclared) Revolutionary civil war. The Revolutionaries have succeeded in setting aside the Constitution, imposing arbitrary laws, purging the Federal Courts and the Military, employing the Government machinery to persecute opponents, encouraging mob rule, importing hostile populations, curbing free speech, driving Christianity from the public square and completing the transformation of the MSM into its organs of propaganda.

When Douglas McArthur occupied Japan after its surrender, he temporarily ruled by decree. So did the Allies in occupied Western Germany and elsewhere, until order was restored and Constitutional government could be reinstated. It is anything but certain that Donald Trump as the next President will be prepared for the situation he can expect to face after 8 years of stealthy transformation to a Far Left Revolutionary America. But he is fortunately a doer and not a politician and capable of quickly recognizing that the ‘old politics’ of the past has already been replaced. This is one reason why so many ordinary Americans instinctively recognize that a Nationalist man of action is needed in November and not a Conservative Constitutionalist. When America’s borders have been secured, enemies sent packing, the streets of big cities made safe and citizens once again empowered, then will be the time to restore Constitutional rule.

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